Innovative leap: BSI takes on a pioneering role in the digitalization of customer relationships with a new platform

BSI launched a groundbreaking platform for the digitalization of customer relationships. The digitalization platform, BSI Studio, uniquely combines data, touchpoints and customer journeys in a single solution. The innovative platform enables companies for the first time to react to customer behavior in real time, to digitalize procedures and process in customer dialogue and to manage them with a single directing tool.

The digitization platform BSI Studio uniquely combines data, touchpoints and customer journeys in one solution.

The software company, BSI Business Systems Integration AG, is bringing an entirely new type of digitalization platform to the market. The new standard product, BSI Studio, goes far beyond marketing automation and customer journey mapping. “With the new digitalization platform we place a tool in the hands of chief customer officers which enables them to assume their customers’ perspective of the company. Customer experience managers can use it to create outstanding customer journeys. BSI Studio serves chief digital officers, in turn, as a technical platform for the digitalization of all customer dialogue procedures and processes,” explained Christian A. Rusche, the driving force behind the development of BSI Studio, the multifunctional editing room for digitalized customer interactions.

Closing market gaps

Christian A. Rusche is delighted that the latest BSI product is finally available for use:

“BSI Studio combines everything that our customers so greatly desire: the digitalization of customer relationships, procedures and processes – away from Excel, manual processes and data silos, and on to real-time reactions to current customer behavior.”

Christian A. RuscheDriving force behind the development of BSI Studio

Companies can also evaluate the customer experience and optimize customer journeys in real time. “Until now, no single tool could manage this; management had to launch comprehensive reviews and combine data from various systems – a Sisyphean task. Now with BSI Studio companies can see which customer approach, for example, delivered the best conversion rate and how customers may have acted differently than expected along the customer journey, enabling them to react with suitable steps.

Tool for digitalizers

BSI Studio serves all companies seeking to expand their digitalization lead with an intelligent platform. Among the primary users are chief customer officers, who – from the customer perspective – immediately react to customer behavior and who can take their preferences into account, on the basis of real-time data and not based on outdated segmenting tools. For the first time, customer experience chiefs are able to monitor the customer experience throughout the entire company and to intelligently integrate touchpoints. Chief digital officers can digitalize all procedures which were previously processed manually, such as automatically triggering repeat orders, obtaining feedback, displaying the desired data on its own landing page, etc. “Modern marketing and sales managers must tell stories to capture the scant attention of customers. Comprehensive storytelling across touchpoints on one platform becomes a reality with BSI Studio. That is real innovation,” enthused Catherine B. Crowden, Marketing Manager at BSI.

Data storage by design with integrated security requirements

The digitalization platform is designed for large data volumes: The medium edition is limited to 10 million participants, while the complete edition is unlimited. BSI Studio can be used both as a stand-alone solution as well as an integrated solution in BSI CRM. The platform is optionally operated in a private cloud or as an on-site cloud. “This gives our customers all the benefits of a cloud while also meeting the security requirements of an on-premise solution,” explained Christian A. Rusche. The principle of needs-oriented data storage is met by design in BSI Studio, since the data is retained on the customer story level. The forgetting or transferring of customer data, opting-in and opting-out, as well as advertising blocking are all delivered in BSI Studio.

Customer experience in the digital age

“With BSI Studio there is finally a digitalization tool on the market that enables you to react to customer behavior in real time with relevant content. This means that we supply exactly what previously could not be depicted in a single solution: personal customer communication with relevant contents and customer journeys which can not only be visualized, but also executed, analyzed and optimized. BSI Studio will radically simplify and accelerate the digitalization of numerous manual procedures and processes with media breaks. We look forward to impressing customers!” Catherine B. Crowden.

Experience BSI Studio live

DMEXCO, September 12-13 in Cologne: From marketing experts to script editors of digital customer experiences

At DMEXCO 2018, BSI will present its BSI Studio digitalization platform live for the first time and is also represented in the World of Experience, the expo's innovation hub. Visitors to the BSI Studio stand in Hall 7.1/Stand D061 will have the chance to get to know BSI Studio at three stations.

Swiss CRM Forum on September 20, 2018 at the Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich

For the first time, participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience with the digitalization platform BSI Studio in the BSI Lounge.

BSI Studio premiere on November 6, 2018 in the SRF Studio in Zurich

Appropriate for the official premiere celebration of BSI Studio, we will meet in the Swiss Radio and Television studio in Zurich to explore the many possibilities of the digital customer experience.