Service automation Enhanced service experiences with digitization

As digitization moves forward, excellent service is becoming increasingly important. Whether customers make a purchase decision, have a complaint, or obtain advice, service experiences determine whether a sale will occur and whether your customers will continue to be loyal to you. BSI will help you digitize your services on all channels.


Omnichannel Service on all channels

One time, your customer talks to an employee at the store, while another time, she writes an e-mail or calls your call center. BSI ensures a seamless service experience because, with the fully integrated omnichannel contact center, your service employee has all the information readily available already – regardless of the previous channel the customer used to contact your business.

Self-service Customer service 24/7

Since customers like to attend to matters on their own, unrestricted by business hours, companies offer various self-service options. Artificial intelligence (AI) can make information more accessible to your customers, with an intelligent search window or personalized customer accounts, for example. BSI will help you create an effortless customer experience with added value for your customers.

Customer journeys AI – the basis for personalized service

Since personalized service is more important than ever before, triggered customer journeys are gaining in importance. If you have many customers, however, it can become challenging to reach out to everyone individually. The AI from BSI makes it easy for you: Regardless of the nature of your customer’s issue or request – BSI will recognize it and automatically create a personalized reply. Once customer journeys designed with AI are trained, they get better and better and provide upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Customer Service 4.0 From reactive to proactive

Customer Service 4.0 has stepped out of its reactive world and into a proactive role. It anticipates customer needs before they arise, answers questions before they are asked, and addresses problems before they escalate. With AI, you will know the right time to reach out to your customers. Automated service processes lighten your agents’ workload, thus allowing them to devote more time to cases requiring particular attention.


Service automation capabilities

An example: the “address change” customer journey

Often, there is not only a business transaction behind an address change but a far-reaching change in the customer’s life situation, coupled with powerful emotions: the first apartment, a growing family, and so on. This is where the story behind a seemingly trivial address change begins to be interesting.

Let’s assume you are a retailer and operate a network of stores. Your customer recently moved from Zurich to St. Gallen, and she notifies you of her new address. Your CRM completes the process proficiently and automatically confirms the data on file to the customer.

Service automation will take you a step further. Think about the customer’s emotional state. She has many things on her mind. She might not realize that one of your stores is near her new home in St. Gallen. A store locator integrated into BSI instantly presents the quickest way for the customer to locate you now. A message is sent to the customer automatically, and in real time – it is highly personalized, is signed by the manager of the St. Gallen store, and includes the store’s Google Maps location.

Using a scoring model, BSI calculates the ideal value for a voucher as a welcome gift. If the customer has not redeemed the voucher after a certain amount of time, she will receive a reminder from you. You have now transformed a simple address change into a customer journey.

There are no limits to your creativity, and you can continue to develop the customer journey. BSI will do everything else – because that is what service automation knows how to do.

AI in customer service – personalized and efficient

Artificial intelligence ensures personalized service and expert advice while increasing efficiency at the same time. Is that a contradiction? Not at all.

Customers value personalized support, and the AI from BSI offers a distinct benefit in this area: It answers simple customer questions around the clock. Regardless of the nature of your customer’s issue or request – BSI will recognize the content of messages, process them, and automatically initiate the right process, ensuring that your customer receives a personalized response immediately.

As a result, your service department saves time. This valuable time can be used to deal with more complex customer issues individually when the AI runs out of solutions.

Customer-centric journeys unlock boundless opportunities for optimized service experiences and can result in a significant increase in customer satisfaction. At the same time, companies save resources and costs by using AI. Everyone benefits: companies, service employees, and customers.

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