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Delight your customers

Digitize your customer relationships and create unique experiences – automated, in real time and across all touchpoints. Get to know your customers better with the BSI Customer Suite and communicate with them at precisely the right time and with the right content. Your customers will feel understood and appreciated.
BSI provides a “Business out of the box” for your industry with instantly useable seamless processes, customer journeys, customer insights, KPIs and regulations. In addition, you gain access to a comprehensive, industry-relevant ecosystem. BSI is your “Industry Cloud.”

BSI Customer Centricity
Some of the companies that count on BSI

Digitalisierung der Kundenbeziehung

Realtime-Trigger und Events

Flexible Datenplattformen


Omnichannel und Multiexperience

KI und Automatisierung


A company-wide solution

As the leading industry cloud platform, the BSI Customer Suite gives companies with complex customer processes, multiple users and large data volumes comprehensive tools for sales, marketing, service and operations. The modular and component-based design facilitates the gradual digital transformation of your customer relationships across all business areas and seamless processes from customer acquisition to customer support.
Get started right away with ingenious industry solutions

  • Centers on banking, insurance, retail and energy & utilities;
  • Encompasses industry-standard processes and customer journeys, such as onboarding for banks or loyalty management for retail;
  • Cloud agnostic: Runs in the BSI Cloud, or as a multi-cloud model;
  • Meets all industry-standard regulatory requirements, including data protection (DACH1);
  • Be involved in the continuous development and roadmap design of industry solutions through BSI’s “be_involved” process. Benefit from the dialogue with others.
Support your customers holistically

  • All products are all-in-one solutions – they are intuitive to use, with no media breaks;
  • 360° view as the basis for holistic support;
  • True omnichannel marketing and multi-experience;
  • Intra-company collaboration, such as through Microsoft 365 integration;
  • Collaboration with customers over portals and through self-service.
Get to know, win over and delight customers

  • Uses internal and consolidated customer data as well as external, enriched data;
  • Industry-specific data model – open, flexible and extensible;
  • Highly personalized customer journeys for sales, service and marketing;
  • Consultation and support made easy, regardless of the channel.

Numbers that stand out


Is the number of customer relationships that BSI transforms into sustainable success stories


Customer orientation at BSI


Increase in the cross-selling/upselling rate thanks to automation


Customer Engagement

Impress customers in person using video consulting, create offers, and conclude contracts via electronic signature – seamlessly integrated or on a standalone basis.

Customer Experience

Find, win over and get to know your customers. Thanks to its trigger-based approach, BSI CX lets you respond to relevant (life) events in real time and set up personalized customer journeys.

Customer Relationship Management

With bsi.crm, you have more time for true customer proximity thanks to automated routine tasks and countless integrated aids that make your work in customer communication easier.

Customer & Data Insights

Discover structures and contexts to make better decisions based on data. BSI Insight provides detailed analytics and effective visualizations.

Artificial Intelligence

Get the maximum added value from your data. With BSI AI, you gain powerful machine learning workflows for customer clustering and marketing automation.

Customer Data Platform

With BSI CDP, gain a holistic view of your customers, dismantle data silos and ensure your data’s quality and GDPR-compliant protection.

Enterprise Integration Platform

With BSI EIP, you have multiple interfaces and standard connectors to access your entire ecosystem and configure, monitor and evaluate your data traffic.

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BSI Customer Suite

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