Video consulting with legally binding contract conclusion

Make sure the virtual consultation you want to turn into a sale does not come up short because you don’t get your customer’s signature. The electronic signature is a feature of the BSI Customer Suite.

    Higher average sales closing rates in inside sales.
    >50%Sales closing rate
    Higher average sales closing rates in inside sales.


    Especially in the financial and insurance sectors, business transactions are not concluded until a legally binding signature has been obtained. However, having to print and mail contracts, for instance, is a media discontinuity that threatens to diminish all the advantages of video consulting.

    DIGITAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Location-independent and 24/7

    Customers want online sales support from their insurance companies and banks to save time. Also, increasing numbers of employees no longer go to the office full-time but work from home part of the time. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this development. As a result, many of today’s business processes take place online exclusively.

    ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE Legally binding and sealing the deal

    With BSI Snapview, you can instantly close the deal in a legally binding manner as part of a video consultation – no wait times for your customers and no media discontinuity. Thanks to the electronic signature feature, customers can sign legally binding documents online – printing and mailing them is a thing of the past. As a result, you can increase the efficiency of your consultations significantly.

    Verstaubter Briefkasten

    Product demo

    BSI Snapview takes virtual selling to a new level: In our video, we will show you how the electronic signature works during a video consultation.


    The path forward

    Digitize your sales operation with our product for virtual selling.

    BSI Snapview, which is part of the BSI Customer Suite, manages the administrative and support tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and setting up the “virtual salesroom” to the electronic signature to close the sale – allowing your employees to focus exclusively on your customers.

    Benefits of BSI Snapview

    Virtual selling using a browser – no need to download any programs;
    Electronic signatures per eIDAS (AES/QES);
    Seamless integration into BSI CRM;
    GDPR-compliant order data processing;
    BAFIN -compliance (BAIT, VAIT);
    MiFID II -compliant recording on all communication channels – legally binding according to GDPR – only after the explicit consent of all participants;
    Compliance with the EU Transparency Regulation requirements by using a digital rep business card;
    No CPaaS modules whose providers are subject to the U.S. CLOUD Act (obligation to disclose data to U.S. secret services).

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