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Winning over customers' hearts: the most important, yet most difficult of all business tasks. And also the most pleasant – at least, we think so. What challenge can we support you with?


Accompany customers on their journey

Create a memorable experience and maximize your business success. With BSI, you can design and manage highly personalized customer journeys.

More time for your customers

Increase your chances of a successful deal. BSI offers a centralized, virtual advisor workspace with 360° customer view.

Save money easily

Save money and make your customers happy. BSI ensures saving time handling customer concerns by using guided processes and AI support.

Benefit from data intelligence

Leverage the intelligence of your customer data. BSI offers you powerful analytics, detailed reporting dashboards, and direct access to business intelligence.

Become a service champion

Impress your staff and customers at all touchpoints with BSI Contact Center and leave the competition far behind.


Software from the cloud

Our software is provided as a service from the cloud (SaaS). Simply use all of BSI's features, solutions and products - fully scalable and suitable for growing needs or seasonal fluctuations. Data storage and processing in Germany and Switzerland with established providers is guaranteed. The BSI cloud is certified under the ISAE3402 standard, meets all GDPR requirements, and is available as a FINMA- and BaFin-compliant solution as well.


Segment of One is becoming a reality

BSI helps you move from classical campaign thinking to individual customer contact: target the right contact at the right time over the right channel.


More conversions

Give your sales the best tool to generate more business. BSI processes customer data automatically and qualifies leads in real time.


Accompany customers along their journey

Individually accompany your customers across all touchpoints with BSI and retain an constant overview of what happens along the customer journey.


Banking Mission accepted

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Daniel Schröder, Hanseatic Bank.

BSI brings in-depth industry know-how in the banking and call center areas to the table.

Insurance How can we be of assistance?


BSI BRM is a modern platform for controlling your broker sales – out of the box and flexibly adaptable without development effort.

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Juliane Czepak, Senior CRM and CX Manager at HDI

We want to accompany our customers and support them in their day-to-day lives in the best possible way. That is what we focus on. BSI’s software solutions help us accomplish this.

Retail Mission: Inspire customers

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Maurice Ruckstuhl, Area Director, Customer Advisory Services, Sprüngli

The highest priority of our BSI loyalty program is to focus on our customers’ needs.


360° view

A clear view of your customers

As a data hub, BSI integrates your data from all systems and provides a 360° view of customer data and behavior. It also coordinates processes across touchpoints, allowing you to accompany your customers on their customer journey seamlessly. Company-wide, end-to-end CRM processes become a reality with BSI, and you can combine the momentum of your employees from all areas of the company.

Touchpoint Management Consistent, authentic, and customer-centric

BSI manages these contacts uniformly and guides your customers at every touchpoint along their customer journey. You will come across as consistent, authentic and customer-centric.

DATA MANAGEMENT From data to insights

Are you collecting customer data online and offline but do not have a mechanism to centralize your data? Do you want to blend your data in one location to do successful segmentations? With Data Management from BSI, you can do all of it.

ECOSYSTEM BSI – the digital ecosystem encompassing CRM and automation

BSI is more than "just" a software solution: It is a living ecosystem. Immerse yourself in the BSI universe.

DIGITIZATION The digital revolution in customer relationships

Digitization is the basis of today’s economy. With BSI, you can start the digital revolution in your business now and elevate your customer relationships to a new level.

Clustering Group data in real time

BSI automatically allocates customer data into groups and displays the pattern of success to you in a clear visualization.

SEGMENTATION A true Segment of One

With BSI, you lay the foundation for your own customer love stories and take a big step toward Segment of One.

Additional capabilities What challenge are you facing?


Next best action: BSI.

The next best action: Network your goals with BSI.

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