Rediscover your data

Take an unbiased look at your customer data with our BSI Insight product, and you will recognize patterns that you have missed so far. Use these “insights” to underpin your decisions based on data, thus creating added value for your company.

Easy to visualize
With BSI Insight, you can present impactful illustrations of data and relationships with minimum effort.
More independence
There is no need for detours through your DWH or Business Intelligence teams, even for more complicated queries.
Elaborative analytics
Use BSI Insight to conduct unbiased and step-by-step searches for patterns in your customer data.
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Shedding light on your data

BSI Insight provides access to all data in the BSI Customer Suite, for example, to run analyses of target groups, processes, conversions, degrees of target achievement, capabilities and resource utilization.

An extensive set of charts helps you identify relationships and compile individual target group selections (“audiences”). These, in turn, are easy to disseminate to all BSI Customer Suite products, allowing you to use an even more targeted approach when you engage with your customers.

Designed for large data volumes; even complex analyses instantly return an initial visualization, which is then refined gradually through continued data processing in the background;
Facilitates the conversion of “insights” into templates for further analysis;
Supports a collaborative work environment where you can share, import and export “insights” and templates with ease;
Allows you to create reports and dashboards for internal reporting in a few simple clicks.

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