The data hub for meaningful customer profiles

You can trust BSI with your company’s most important asset: your customer data. BSI CDP helps you get a holistic view of your leads and customers. Dismantle your data silos, and collect and centralize data from different systems. Doing so you are laying the foundation for personalized omnichannel campaigns.

Data management The foundation for digitizing the customer relationship

Without a clean database, there is no meaningful digitization. Large amounts of data from different sources have to be blended, unified, and stored in a structured format. BSI CDP collects data in real time from multiple sources, enriches the data, and makes it available to other systems using a unique key – thanks to interfaces and standard connectors.

Cloud High performance, low costs

A large amount of data, high performance, and low costs? BSI CDP means data management in the cloud. If you prefer, you can also handle it at your data center – it is up to you. Whether you want to start over or replace your host system, we will accompany you and apply our many years of expertise in legacy system replacement and complex data migrations.

360° customer profile Collecting data and matching it meaningfully

Would you like to have control of your data and corporate-wide communication history? BSI’s Customer Data Platform collects all relevant data about customers and leads in real time from different systems. The data might be from the CRM, the legacy system, the ERP, the marketing automation solution, the PoS, it might be transactional, mobile, and website data, or it might be data from the data warehouse or data lake. BSI CDP creates meaningful customer profiles out of all the data.

Customer insight Data power for marketing

With BSI CDP, you create the basis for data analyses in sales and marketing, audience marketing, segmentation, and omnichannel campaigns. Customer insights are transferred to the CRM or the marketing automation platform. Automatically, in real time, and without any help from your IT department. You have laid the foundation for personalized customer experiences.

Data protection Privacy by design

The GDPR protects your customers’ and leads’ personal data. Without the user’s consent to use their data, you cannot do anything. To comply with these data protection regulations, you need to know where customer data resides throughout your company, and you will need processes that transcend systems. We have the technical expertise and the technical solution for it.

Collision management The skillful coordination of customer contacts

You need to know who your customers are and who in your company has been in contact with them and when. About what topic? On which channel? With what result? The seamless communication history BSI CDP provides is the key to efficient collision management and robust capacity planning.

A state-of-the-art partner system

Data storage, data integrity, and data transparency: To seamlessly manage all data on customers and prospects and make them available to other systems in real time – that is what BSI CDP does daily. The data includes addresses, customer histories, roles and relationships, contract data, and your customers’ opt-ins. It also comprises credit ratings, customer values, and other KPIs for sales, marketing, and service. The correctness, completeness, and consistency of partner data are ensured by comparing the data to street directories, company registers, etc. A sophisticated concept for granting permissions controls read and edit access. The proper handling of regulatory requirements, GDPR, and the Code of Conduct (CoC), all secured by processes, is a given with BSI.

BSI CDP – one solution, many advantages

«Everyone has data. However, it is only centralized data that create value. BSI can help.»

- Urs Frick, Product Manager at BSI

Corporate-wide communication history

Data on your customer contacts constitute important data: It is the prerequisite for compelling customer experiences. To prevent the over-contacting of customers and schedule your employees optimally, you have to know, across systems and departments, who in your company has communicated with your customers and how and when.

Standard connectors and interfaces

BSI CDP uses interfaces and standard connectors to query customer data systems and blends millions of records. The data transfer works in the opposite direction as well: With standard connectors, you can export data with ease – in real time, of course.

Uniqueness thanks to data matching

BSI CDP continuously checks the data for duplicates and offers workflows for manual address cleansing. It handles data matching between different data sources. These activities create consistent customer profiles in which information from multiple systems – from the insurance system and the product database to the webshop – is merged via interfaces.

Historization with the time machine

With BSI ’s time machine, you can easily reconstruct a record to a particular date, letting you retrace changes made to a customer record, as well as deletions.

CRM, CDP, or data warehouse? The biggest differences

«BSI CDP combines the advantages of a master data management and CRM system. Its strengths: a corporate-wide communication history and the skillful centralization and enrichment of data.»

- Chris Rusche, CPO at BSI

A CDP is a pre-configured system that blends data from known or (still) unknown customers and leads from multiple company systems and stores them in a central data hub. Both online and offline channels are taken into consideration. First-, second-, and third-party data is merged into central customer profiles. The data is retrieved via interfaces and standard connectors and is made available to other systems.

One major strength of the CDP compared with a CRM system is its ability to consider what you know about customers before they actively share data with you; examples are anonymous cookies and mobile device IDs. This information allows you to assign an interaction that started with a newsletter campaign and continued on your website to a particular customer. Contrary to data warehouses, CDPs impress with real-time data delivery, thus making personalized experiences possible. They give you flexibility in your work with customer data and independence from the IT department as custodians of the data warehouse.

BSI Customer Suite

Winning over customers' hearts is the most important, yet most difficult of all business tasks. And also the most pleasant – thanks to BSI.


Customer Experience

Find, win over, retain and understand customers with BSI. Design, execute and perfectly optimize customer journeys – individually, in real time, across all touchpoints and fully automatically.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM software that seamlessly supports you in marketing, sales and service. BSI gives you a 360° view of your customers – at any time, in every department, at every touchpoint.


Artificial Intelligence

Get the maximum out of your data with BSI and profit from highly-personalized communications with your customers – with the powerful machine learning workflows.


Customer Data Platform

You can entrust BSI with the most important thing your company has: your customer data. BSI’s customer data platform helps you achieve a holistic view of your leads and customers.

BSI for your industry

Banking, insurance, retail are three core industries; three strong communities with “Be Involved” processes. And with BSI, a guarantee of more than just three advantages. We speak your language.



BSI is perfectly geared to the regulatory requirements of the banking market, and helps you digitize your customer relationship.



You can not only design the internal processes of your highly complex sales structures to be more efficient, but also enhance the customer experience.



BSI supports you with seamless processes along the customer journey – from the cash register to the contact center.

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