Count on robust customer data

BSI CDP gathers data from various sources and provides meaningful, consolidated customer profiles – in real time. This is the prerequisite for consistent customer engagement in marketing, sales and service.

  • Industry-specific data model for customer data across your entire organization
  • Dismantles data silos
  • 360° view of prospects and customers
  • GDPR- and nFADP (new Federal Act on Data Protection)-compliant
Consolidated records
BSI CDP standardizes different data records and checks them for completeness, correctness and duplicates.
360° customer profile
BSI CPD makes all relevant customer data available to the entire BSI Customer Suite – for uniform customer engagement in marketing, sales and service.
BSI CDP comes with practical features and functions to protect your customer and prospect data.
Some of the companies that count on BSI

The central hub for all your customer data

BSI’s Customer Data Platform gathers customer and prospect data in real time from your existing system, ERP, and other internal and external sources.

It compares the data with existing data and enriches them further. Since all the data is unified in one system and managed there, the Customer Data Platform helps break down data silos. You get a holistic view of your prospects and customers, allowing you to engage with them in a targeted manner while also complying with data protection regulations.


All benefits at a glance

Highly flexible data model as well as industry-specific data models as foundations
Data integrity through validation
Configurable rule engine for automated data modification
Log of all data changes
Implement multiple permission concepts and deletion rules
Compliance with retention periods and industry-specific requirements is ensured

Numbers that stand out


Increase in the cross-selling/upselling rate (source: Basler Versicherungen)


The positive impact on customer loyalty through systematic data collection (source: techconsult GmbH, 2022)


For more than 50% of banks in the DACH region, the management of customer master data is not (yet) a strategic topic

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Additional information

  • DACH = Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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