Sales More customer time

Make your salespeople more successful with intelligent systems where the customer data from all your databases are highly integrated. With BSI, you get a centralized, virtual sales workstation with a 360° view, online and offline – all factors that increase the probability of a successful sale.


LEAD MANAGEMENT From lead to customer

BSI identifies anonymous users, tracks interactions at the touchpoints in real time, and shows the potential for business and likelihood of defection.

SALES AUTOMATION More conversions

Give your sales the best tool to generate more business. BSI processes customer data automatically and qualifies leads in real time.


With BSI you know at all time where customers stand in their lives and can react to (life) events in real time with a trigger-based approach.

OMNICHANNEL MANAGEMENT The key to a positive customer experience

It doesn’t matter which customer chooses which channel. You determine what you want to say to your customers and BSI finds the appropriate channel.

SEGMENTATION Authentic Segment of One

Hyper-personalized marketing is what everyone wants, but few get. Lay the foundation for an authentic Segment of One with BSI.

With BSI, all stages of your sales funnel are covered


The patented interface from BSI is very easy for your sales team to use. All relevant information and functions are quickly retrievable across short operating paths. With a single click, they can send an e-mail, start a phone call (CTI), scan a business card, and import additional data. The integrated tutorial will provide assistance with the occasional question.

All customer interactions are logged in BSI, making it the best way for you to accompany your customers and partners along their omnichannel customer journey and through all stages of the sales funnel.

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Maurice Ruckstuhl, Area Director, Customer Advisory Services, Confiserie Sprüngli

Our goal is to serve our customers personally at every touchpoint, regardless of where, when, and how they shop with us. For us to accomplish this, the cross-channel 360° customer view is essential.

A boost for cross- and upselling

With BSI, you can use your customer data for sales, identify the next best action or cross- and upselling opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, and promote brand loyalty. Besides, you make an impactful tool available to your sales team and increase your sales and customer satisfaction.


«It has never been more fun to work in sales. With BSI’s short and intuitive operating paths and 360° customer view, you can provide customer support holistically.»

- Dominique Maron, Customer Success, BSI

Get to know your customers better and make your sales team happy:

  • The high level of user-friendliness ensures high-quality data
  • Consistent integration to ensure a single source of truth (SSOT)
  • Artificial intelligence supports sales management
  • Conduct complex processes across departmental boundaries with ease
  • Social media information is integrated

BSI knows your business

Whether sales, marketing or service: you can put our two million code lines and promising solutions together with equal ease – through uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model and a captivating user experience.


Set up trigger-based, highly personalized customer journeys within 15 minutes with BSI. They help you provide an unforgettable experience and maximize your business success.


BSI offers a central, virtual advisor workstation with access to all relevant customer information. This improves the chances of a successful business conclusion.


BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


BSI provides you with powerful analytics, clearly arranged reporting dashboards and the possibility of data-based challenges to your decisions. BSI is your direct access to business intelligence.

Next best action: BSI.

The next best action: Network your goals with BSI.

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