Convince your customers personally from a distance.

Be present even without visiting your customers on site and develop sustainable contacts with them at the push of a button. Our on-the-spot video sales consulting solution is one of the features of the BSI Customer Suite.

    productivity increase through time savings
    productivity increase through time savings

    DIGITAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Sales consulting that fits in with daily life

    It is not only today’s young target group that expects a level of customer service that adapts to their own circumstances: flexible, 24/7 and location-independent. At the same time, personal contacts are more important than ever as a competitive advantage, especially for more complex products and services.

    ON-THE-SPOT VIDEO SALES CONSULTING Get in touch with a single click

    With the BSI Customer Suite, you can launch a video sales consultation with a single click at any time – even spontaneously from your smartphone. The invitation link, including the session ID, is automatically sent to your customer through their preferred communication channel (e.g., text, WhatsApp or e-mail). And BSI CRM provides you with all customer data relevant to your meeting.

    APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING More flexibility for your customers

    In the future, customers will also be able to arrange sales consulting appointments at their end. All they need to do is select a suitable time slot online. Then they will receive an invitation link with the option of adding the appointment to their online calendar or postponing or canceling it.


    Product demo

    BSI Snapview takes video sales consulting to a new level: In our video below, we will show you how on-the-spot video sales consulting works.


    The path forward

    Digitize your sales operation with our product for virtual selling.

    BSI Snapview, which is part of the BSI Customer Suite, manages the administrative and support tasks – from setting up the “virtual salesroom” to the electronic signature to close the sale – allowing your employees to focus exclusively on your customers.

    Benefits of BSI Snapview

    Virtual selling using a browser – no need to download any programs;
    Electronic signatures per eIDAS (AES/QES);
    Seamless integration into BSI CRM;
    GDPR-compliant order data processing;
    BAFIN -compliance (BAIT, VAIT);
    MiFID II -compliant recording on all communication channels – legally binding according to GDPR – only after the explicit consent of all participants;
    Compliance with the EU Transparency Regulation requirements by using a digital rep business card;
    No CPaaS modules whose providers are subject to the U.S. CLOUD Act (obligation to disclose data to U.S. secret services).

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