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Are you passionate about software? Are you either a student or a graduate? Would you like to work in a team environment and make a difference? Get in on the action and be a part of taking our customers to the next level.

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Monika Freiburghaus
Project Manager at BSI and passionate biker

Values Compelling reasons to join BSI

Nice colleagues, flexible work hours and a well-stocked refrigerator are par for the course at BSI. Here are some of the positives that make working at BSI special:

A network, not a hierarchy

BSI does not have a hierarchy. Instead, we are a network of self-determined teams – with short decision-making paths and no departments.

Taking responsibility

At BSI, you start taking responsibility for your projects on day one and have many opportunities to share your skills.

Mission-critical projects

Our projects involve topics that are business-critical for our customers, which means we have a great deal of responsibility for project success.

Active co-creating

Do you have an idea for a new product? Would you like to help us advance with new technology? Please share your ideas – we cherish and support your entrepreneurial spirit.

Professional development

You have a fixed budget and ten days for your professional development every year. Beyond that, you can also explore new technologies and their viability in the BSI Lab.

BSI projects only – guaranteed

If you work for BSI, you work for BSI only. We don’t engage in loaning our employees to other companies. Our teams stay together and always pull together.

Flexible career paths

At BSI, you can develop in many different directions, depending on what you excel at and like to do. We are all for you trying different things out. We believe in making mistakes and learning from them.

Financial participation

Would you like to participate in BSI’s corporate success beyond salary and bonus? This option is available to all employees through a participation program.

Travel time is work time

We encourage personal contacts. Therefore, we consider the time you spend traveling to a customer’s site as work time. 100 percent.

About us

Working at BSI is more than a job, and we are more than mere colleagues. We stick together and approach projects with a passion. Would you like to get to know us?

The technologies we work with. Want to work with them, too?

BSI offices

We have eight offices in Switzerland and Germany. For most of our job openings, you are free to select your work location.

Working at BSI
Support at BSI
Professional development

Monique Nussbaumer, Software Engineer

It’s fun to get to know other people and have a good start together.

Careers Careers at BSI

Are you ready to take the lead and, together with us, take our customers to the next level? If you are fluent in German, check out our openings in Germany and Switzerland

Nothing interesting here? Feel free to apply in German anyway.

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