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Monika Freiburghaus
Project Manager at BSI and passionate biker
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If CRM, then BSI. As a leading software company for CRM and CX we have made every effort to delight our customers – and customers’ clients – for over 25 years. And as long as there are companies that appreciate the value of strong relationships, we will continue on this path.

We love software

We love our customers. We love good software. And, we love the strong values our 440 experts embrace every day:

  • We do not have a hierarchical structure; instead, we have organized ourselves to be 100% customer-focused.
  • We invest more than 10% of our time into innovation, education, and training.
  • We are entrepreneurs – 272 of our employees are BSI shareholders.

These are the reasons why we have been a top-tier employer in the world of ICT for years.


We are customer enthusiasts

To win their customers’ hearts is the most important and most challenging task for any company. At the same time, it is also the most rewarding task – thanks to BSI.

Monika Freiburghaus
Project Manager at BSI and passionate biker

BSI already turns 220 million customer relationships into long-term success stories.

We help guarantee success

230 success stories

This is the number of companies where BSI provides the best in customer proximity day in and day out. Each BSI solution manages an average of 27 million relationships, logs 70 million interactions annually, integrates 23 systems and has 4,000 users.

We are craftspeople

One Customer Suite

Whether used for CRM, sales, marketing, service, or analytics, the 2 million lines of code we have written combine to form seamless and future-strong solutions – thanks to uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model, and brilliant user experience. The result: 100% flow.

Discover BSI Customer Suite

We are industry experts

Four focus industries

They are retail, banking, insurance and energy & utilities. BSI provides specialized solutions for these markets. This focus has brought about three advantages: Functionality that fits your industry to a T, strikingly intuitive user interfaces, and experience that will delight your customers.


We are BSI


Up close and personal.

Whether you are a current or prospective customer, we would like to emphasize that BSI combines the complexity of digital communication with the individuality of an old-fashioned neighborhood store.


Banking, insurance, and retail.

BSI is the leading omnichannel software solution in these industries in the DACH region. We have eight offices in Switzerland and Germany.


True co-development.

You, the customer, co-define the BSI roadmap in the Be Involved process. Become part of the community.

Next best action: BSI.

Your next best step: Link your goals to BSI.

Zeno Hug, Creator of Customer Delight

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BSI Customer Suite

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