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BSI CRM puts the relationship between user and customer at the center: Find out how this holistic customer management solution becomes the perfect CRM for your industry through market-specific additions.

  • For marketing, sales and service
  • Seamless processes across your organization
  • The 360° customer view always keeps the most essential information in plain sight
  • The entire lead process, from first contact to signature
360° customer view
BSI CRM is a central information system and, as such, provides all relevant information and data for every application and across departmental boundaries.
Smart support
BSI CRM anticipates the next work steps and recommends next best actions and next best products.
Flexible integration
BSI CRM provides interfaces to office applications and countless other specialized application programs.
Some of the companies that count on BSI

The Customer Relationship Manager

BSI CRM maps business processes in marketing, sales and service, seamlessly and across your organization, and helps implement them.

By intelligently preparing relevant data and fully integrating them into your work environment, BSI CRM allows you to make sustainable and informed decisions every time.


All benefits at a glance

Rapid launch thanks to industry-specific, ready-to-use configurations
Seamless integration into Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and numerous other specialized application programs
Consistently high service quality with intelligent input management and two-tier SLAs
Smart contact center solution that is compatible with multilingual input and allows you to manage multiple brands across channels by using an omnichannel approach
Supports sales and resource planning with account management allocation and communication planning tools
Gets to know your end customers better with AI support and suggests the next best products
Provides access to your customer data from anywhere, on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

Numbers that stand out


Cross-selling and upselling rates increase by 20% in companies that actively utilize customer feedback (source: Gartner Research 2020)


Revenue quatruples thanks to personalized customer loyalty programs (source: Bond Loyalty Report, 2019)


Customers spend 10% more when companies engage with them through several touchpoints (source: Harvard Business Review)

Use Cases

BSI Customer Suite in action

Uniform customer approach

Uniform customer approach

Ensure that sales, service and marketing are all pulling together and talking to customers in a consistent way across departments - on the right topics, at the best time and on the appropriate channel.

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