The digital transformation of customer relationships

Would you like to run CRM software that supports your marketing, sales, and service teams seamlessly? BSI CRM will give you a 360° view of your customers – at any time, from any department, and at every touchpoint. It will win you over with its modular design, high configurability, and open technology. It has received praise for this flexibility from experts and customers alike and has earned CRM awards. The best reward for us, however, is having happy users.

CRM is in our genes We love CRM – and we love our customers

We love CRM and have dedicated ourselves to it for almost 25 years. Thanks to its cutting-edge platform and innovative product development, BSI CRM is already in its 16th generation. If your company has complex needs, as they are common in large corporations, we are the right partner for you. We offer a vast ecosystem and many standard interfaces, and our experience is reflected in attractive total cost of ownership (TCO) numbers.

Maximum flexibility A CRM for any scenario

Whether you are B2B, B2C, or B2B2C, BSI CRM will adapt to your business, processes, and your IT environment – not the other way round. With BSI, you get all the functions you need for successful customer management, along with proven CRM processes. With intelligent permissions, your users, on the other hand, only get access to functions they need, keeping the solution lean and intuitive.

Company-wide A 360° view of your customers

As a data hub, BSI CRM integrates your data from all systems and provides a 360° view of customer data and behavior. It coordinates processes across touchpoints, allowing you to accompany your customers on their customer journey seamlessly. BSI supports company-wide, seamless CRM processes, thus pooling the strengths of your employees from all areas of the company.

User-friendly An assistant for your employees

You assign routine tasks to BSI CRM using rules and automated processes. The state-of-the-art user interface features “little helpers” that make everyday life easier for your users and give them more time for what truly matters: genuine customer proximity.

Cloud, on-site, or on-premises A highly flexible CRM operating model

A private cloud, on-site cloud, or on-premises solution? It is your choice. BSI processes and stores data exclusively in Switzerland or Germany. You can switch between operating models at any time. Of course, the data belongs to you in any case.

Industry expertise The CRM for your industry

Every industry works differently. With flexible configurations and industry templates with the relevant standard interfaces and integrations, BSI CRM dynamically adapts to your specific industry’s requirements. We continue to develop our industry solutions and are doing so together with our customers and with industry experts.


Ralf Wechsler, Head of Direct Sales at HDI

BSI is the central system and starting point for all matters related to our customers. Our users benefit from a centralized 360° view of all HDI customers and contracts, and all available data.

BSI CRM: Powerful customer relationship management

«Once you have worked with BSI, you won’t want to work with anything else. We promise!»

- Zeno Hug, Sales Manager

Customer relationship management

A CRM system is an integral part of all your customer relationship management activities. Today, cultivating customer relationships is often critical to a company’s success. As digitization leads to more and more touchpoints between companies and customers, the complexity of this relationship is increasing. BSI will support you with the systematic management of your customer relationships, thus increasing your company’s success.

Systematic data analysis

BSI CRM maps your customers’ entire interaction history and includes e-mails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and all address data (electronic and mailing addresses). In other words, the CRM system is the central database where all customer data, bundled and structured, resides. This setup is necessary to make systematic data analysis possible. All your employees can access all the information – from administration to sales and service to marketing. Customer management processes become faster and more efficient, with the data being centrally available in a CRM system.

Happy customers

With BSI, you can personally take care of thousands of customers. You will know their preferences and needs and how to make use of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Besides that, you will be aware of your customers’ predicaments, which allows you to identify problems early on and improve your offers or service quality. In other words, you can act quickly, proficiently, and, if necessary, proactively and positively surprise your customers.


Markus Kalbas, Area Sales Manager at ProTect

BSI gives us exactly what we need to support our sales partners proactively: a central 360° view, seamless processes, and continuous communication history.

Why CRM?


CRM is neither a department nor an IT solution. CRM is a promise. A promise to your customers who you will be able to serve personally, quickly and expertly by having a 360° view, guided processes, and integrated communication channels. A promise to your employees who have access to all relevant information in a single application. And a promise to companies that benefit sustainably from efficiency improvements and customer orientation-related added value.

Just like your old-fashioned neighborhood store

The same CRM parameters that apply to omnichannel customers today applied to yesterday’s neighborhood store customers: Customers want companies to (re)recognize them, take them seriously, and look after them in a personalized manner. This requires that all channels, from call center to cash register, be integrated to ensure a positive customer experience. Channel silos diminish your customers’ image of your company’s unity, their claim to the old-fashioned neighborhood store experience, and, ultimately, their repurchase delight. Customers always experience a company as a single entity, regardless of the channel they use to obtain information or make a purchase.

A holistic view of the customer

CRM zeroes in on customers and their needs. Companies that focus on their customers and their perspectives provide more personal, more proficient, and faster support without regard to the channel. When their focus is on the customer, companies can create customized service and product offers from (latent) customer needs. They can anticipate potential needs and recognize unspoken wants with the help of the 360° view. The result is complaints turned into opportunities because all services and communication taken together produce a holistic view.

Everyone in the company has more knowledge about the customer

A positive customer experience begins neither with smart processes nor with innovative technology. Instead, a delightful customer experience originates at the heart of an organization: with its employees. It is the employees who literally breathe life into a company or brand. That is why your employees deserve a 360° view of your customers. Only when they can view the range of services, have access to customer history, and service all contact channels, does a compelling customer experience become possible. Employees with more expertise, more decision-making power, and more leeway are not only happier employees – they are also better employees in the long run. After all, productivity increases proportionally to satisfaction. Satisfaction, in turn, affects your customers’ happiness and loyalty.

Improved efficiency with CRM

A customer who complains and whose request or concern you resolve quickly and with no red tape has a repurchase rate that is twice as high as it would otherwise be – which, in turn, requires a 360° view. Your e-mail processing rate will increase by 20 percent when this channel is integrated, and your employees have a 360° view of the customer. Multiple customer data entries and errors in the sometimes very complicated process steps are expensive alternatives to CRM. Disjointed data prevent you from determining meaningful key figures and proactively serving your customers.

Sources of error decrease

No one can remember all legal or company-internal requirements for customer interactions, such as GDPR, double opt-ins, or the validation of quotes based on complex, country-specific rules. Sound CRM systems take these framework conditions into account. They channel applications through the company efficiently, ensure that the four-eyes principle is in place, comply with contact blocks, ensure service-level agreements and escalation processes, and support contact center agents with conversation guides. In a nutshell, CRM makes sure that every customer receives the right service.

One installation, a thousand benefits

Investment and expansion decisions promise to be successful when based on real customer data. In other words, customer-related information is worth real money. It is an asset that increases in value with use: The more actively you use CRM, the more customers you will delight, the more they will purchase from you, and the more profitable your company will be. Put another way, the return on your investment (ROI) is right around the corner.


Michael Horf, CEO Degussa Bank

BSI gives us the communication options and workflows we need to provide comprehensive customer support.

Benefits of a CRM system


Multiple benefits, one solution – there is a lot a CRM solution can do. Here are the most compelling reasons at a glance why you would want to use a CRM system:

  • A central collection of customer data
  • A 360° view of customers and an overview of all interactions
  • Seamless customer histories
  • Location-independent access to customer data from all devices
  • Automated, guided processes for marketing, sales, and service
  • Lead management support
  • Identification of sales opportunities through targeted data analysis and cross-selling/upselling opportunities
  • The analysis of customer needs for sales and marketing purposes
  • A clear display of essential key figures for sales management and customer relationship management
  • And much more. Please contact us for more information.

BSI Customer Suite

Winning over customers' hearts is the most important, yet most difficult of all business tasks. And also the most pleasant – thanks to BSI.


Customer Experience

Find, win over, retain and understand customers with BSI. Design, execute and perfectly optimize customer journeys – individually, in real time, across all touchpoints and fully automatically.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM software that seamlessly supports you in marketing, sales and service. BSI gives you a 360° view of your customers – at any time, in every department, at every touchpoint.


Artificial Intelligence

Get the maximum out of your data with BSI and profit from highly-personalized communications with your customers – with the powerful machine learning workflows.


Customer Data Platform

You can entrust BSI with the most important thing your company has: your customer data. BSI’s customer data platform helps you achieve a holistic view of your leads and customers.

BSI for your industry

Banking, insurance, retail are three core industries; three strong communities with “Be Involved” processes. And with BSI, a guarantee of more than just three advantages. We speak your language.



BSI is perfectly geared to the regulatory requirements of the banking market, and helps you digitize your customer relationship.



You can not only design the internal processes of your highly complex sales structures to be more efficient, but also enhance the customer experience.



BSI supports you with seamless processes along the customer journey – from the cash register to the contact center.

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Zeno Hug, Creator of Customer Delight

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