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For marketing, sales, and service: Find, win, retain, and understand customers with BSI CX. Design, execute and optimize perfect customer journeys. Everything is cross-departmental, individualized for every customer, in real time, across all touchpoints, and fully automated – for extraordinary and emotional experiences.

Customer lifecycle management Telling the right story

With BSI, personalized customer lifecycle management at all touchpoints becomes a reality. You will always know at what point in their lives your customers are. We believe that everyday life is the best trigger. With BSI’s trigger-based approach, you can respond to relevant (life) events in real time – and tell your customers the story that is right for them.

Marketing automation The Segment of One is becoming a reality

Your customers have complex needs. To design overarching customer journeys, you need intelligent automation. BSI CX will help you break away from the classic campaign thinking and move toward individualized customer engagement: so you can provide the right content at the right time on the right channel, individualized for each customer, with micro-journeys.

Customer journey management Accompanying your customers on their journey

You accompany your customers individually across all touchpoints and always keep track of what happens on the customer journey. Regardless of the department that communicates with your customers, their information is accessible to everyone, allowing you to align your services with your customers’ needs.

Sales automation Lead management – efficient yet personalized

How hot is a lead, and how valuable? Depending on their lead score, you engage differently with each customer. With BSI, you can keep an eye on all critical customer information and continue to enrich it at every touchpoint. Artificial intelligence will help you select the right channel and time.

Service automation First-class service and automation combined

Whether customers make a purchase decision, have a complaint, or obtain advice, it is their service experience that determines whether a sale will occur and whether they will continue to be loyal to you. BSI will help you digitize your services on all channels. Automated service processes will lighten your agents’ workload, allowing them to devote time to cases requiring particular attention.

One Digital Experience Platform, many advantages

Customer journeys that respond flexibly to customer behavior and use AI to determine the right contact time, the best channel, or the most attractive content per customer? BSI CX knows how to do that. The journeys adapt to your customers individually. Thanks to AI, you get valuable information about the next best actions and next best products, ensuring the best possible support for your sales, marketing, and service teams.

Highly automated

Fully automated processes in place of many manual sub-steps. With BSI CX, mapping your use cases in lead and customer management is an entirely automated process. Your customers will still feel that your support for them is individualized, and your marketing, sales, and service teams will gain valuable time. At the same time, you pay attention to the human component: With BSI, people and machines work together effectively.


In real time

With live tracking, BSI CX will show you where your customers are on their journey. You can optimize your journeys in real time without your customers noticing it. Our patented versioning concept makes sure of that. You can make use of our extensive KPI catalog and measure your successes in real time.

Fast implementation

In terms of speed, BSI is hard to beat compared with other digital experience platforms. With BSI’s journey builder, customer journeys are easy to design, test, and take live. You will benefit from a ready-made features catalog with standard interfaces. There is no need for you to have any IT skills: You create journeys intuitively with drag and drop and use practical templates.

Across departments

BSI will support your company with the implementation of an omnichannel strategy at all interfaces with your customers. You will rise above internal departmental boundaries and map customer journeys across your company. You see, your customers are not concerned about departments or internal processes. Instead, provide a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints to your customers with BSI CX.

Uncompromisingly customer-centric

Forget about the “watering can” approach. A digital experience platform such as BSI CX lets you recognize your customers’ needs and meet them across channels right where they are on their customer journey – personalized, customer-centric, and with added value. So that every customer feels like what they are indeed – unique!

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“Thanks to the templates and steps, I was able to click together my story with BSI CX in just 30 minutes.”

Smart features for positive customer experience


The journey builder

You use your storyboard to get an overview of your customer journeys and processes. You also design your next story there by intuitively dragging the selected steps onto the storyboard via drag and drop. Your next landing page, event invitation, or newsletter will be complete in no time.

A large step library

With BSI CX, you can design customer journeys a step at a time. Steps are the smallest component of BSI’s Digital Experience Platform: These intelligent building blocks evolve into automated journeys. The steps ensure the link to your CRM, ERP, and other systems, define the participants, and bring interaction to the customer journeys. BSI comes with more than 60 steps, and we are adding more all the time.

Content management

BSI contains a convenient content management system. In the library, you can upload images, PDFs, and other media. With the Content Editor, you can create content for all media based on templates, from personalized newsletters and letters or e-mails to landing pages or entire websites. An opt-in process, spam check, and device preview are also included.


Flavors help you design customer journeys. Would you like to implement a newsletter campaign, loyalty activity, or customer survey? With the right flavor as a template, you will quickly reach your objective: The flavor provides the relevant KPIs that match the use case, facilitating cross-campaign comparisons of critical metrics.

Sandbox mode

You benefit from our patented testing functionalities. With BSI CX, you have the unique opportunity to test your customer journeys thoroughly before taking them live. BSI’s simple versioning concept ensures that you can make changes to ongoing customer journeys without your customers noticing the changes. For maximum security and flexibility.

Mission Control

Mission Control lets you keep track of your customer journeys, such as their status, the number of participants, or a bottleneck. Having this information makes it easy to optimize journeys in real time. You retain control and have the KPIs on hand that you need to measure your campaigns’ success – and optimize them in real time.

Customer experience management – With BSI, it’s as simple as that

Design: Select appropriate steps from the step library and link them to customer journeys, processes, and other stories.

Execute: Check your customer journey in the sandbox mode, and then put it in manual operation. Do you like it? Then take it live and start its automated execution.

Optimize: Enhance your customer journey and create a new version. The better version takes the lead, thanks to a smart versioning concept.

Analyze: With Mission Control, keep track of the most critical KPIs such as participant numbers, conversion rate, NPS, and churn rate.


Optimizing the customer experience – example one Personalized newsletters made easy

With BSI CX, your newsletters will be attractive, individualized, and accurate. You determine design and content and set placeholders for the personalized salutation of the recipient. From a list of news snippets, you select the right content and use filters to determine who receives which content. BSI even defines the best delivery time and the right channel.

Optimizing the customer experience – example two Invitations at the touch of a button

Events – digital, analog, or hybrid – are an essential tool in customer and lead management. Not only does BSI CX show you which event is right for which customers at what time, but it also invites the relevant people at the touch of a button. With BSI CX, you can digitally map and control your event processes all the way from registration to follow-up.

Optimizing the customer experience – example three Converting leads to customers

BSI uses data enrichment to show you how hot a lead is and recommends the right next action. The more you know about your prospects’ behavior, the sooner you can offer them exactly what they need to make their purchase decision. BSI CX will help you with intelligent sales automation and by providing cross- and upselling opportunities.

Next best action: BSI.

The next best action: Network your goals with BSI.

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BSI Customer Suite

Winning over customers' hearts is the most important, yet most difficult of all business tasks. And also the most pleasant – thanks to BSI.


Customer Experience

Find, win over, retain and understand customers with BSI. Design, execute and perfectly optimize customer journeys – individually, in real time, across all touchpoints and fully automatically.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM software that seamlessly supports you in marketing, sales and service. BSI gives you a 360° view of your customers – at any time, in every department, at every touchpoint.


Artificial Intelligence

Get the maximum out of your data with BSI and profit from highly-personalized communications with your customers – with the powerful machine learning workflows.


Customer Data Platform

You can entrust BSI with the most important thing your company has: your customer data. BSI’s customer data platform helps you achieve a holistic view of your leads and customers.

BSI for your industry

Banking, insurance, retail are three core industries; three strong communities with “Be Involved” processes. And with BSI, a guarantee of more than just three advantages. We speak your language.



BSI is perfectly geared to the regulatory requirements of the banking market, and helps you digitize your customer relationship.



You can not only design the internal processes of your highly complex sales structures to be more efficient, but also enhance the customer experience.



BSI supports you with seamless processes along the customer journey – from the cash register to the contact center.