Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland From BRM to trigger-based marketing

Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland counts on BSI in complaint management, broker relationship management, and targeted customer interactions and has done so rather successfully.


more cross-selling and upselling


lower cost of marketing


sales partners

Besides the central database and the 360° sales partner view, our employees benefit from the simplified sales planning with automated real-time reporting and individually configurable summaries for optimized sales management and efficient offer management.
Jens Steiniger, Department Head

About Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland

Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland and Baloise Bank SoBa operate together as a focused financial services provider, a combination of insurance and banking. They are leaders in Switzerland in integrated insurance, pension and capital formation solutions for private customers as well as SMEs.

About the cases

In addition to the Swiss parent company and its sister company in Liechtenstein, Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland in Germany has also put its trust into BSI as its CRM partner.

  • Fully-integrated CRM

BSI supports the systematic consultation process and leadership approach and simplifies the work in field sales. With the central CRM solution, employees can view all relevant customer information at a glance, manage leads, or easily prepare for meetings with customers. The customer service center and other distribution channels are integrated into BSI.

  • Personalized customer journeys

With BSI, customers can provide personalized support to prospective and current clients while simultaneously reducing costs. Rather than continuing to rely on expensive, elaborate advertising campaigns with impersonal content and large target groups, the Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland customer management team shifted to BSI’s Digital Experience Platform with trigger- and data-based micro-journeys and smaller target groups.

  • Excellent business partner support

Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) also relies on BSI to offer its business partners a holistic support experience. Its employees benefit from a 360° sales partner view (asset managers, banks, and depository banks). The goal is to improve efficiency in lead and sales processes and optimize service quality.

  • Broker Relationship Management

Baloise Sachversicherung AG Deutschland in Germany counts on BSI for broker relationship management and its contact center to simplify broker inquiry processing. About 150 employees in sales and other parts of the company work with BSI to support the approximately 4,000 sales partners in exclusive and broker sales.

BSI for Insurance

While BSI helps you make the internal processes of your highly complex sales structures more efficient, it also enhances customer experience.



Fabian Bütikofer, Baloise CH

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