More transparency in broker sales

For many insurers, broker sales are among the most important sales channels. At the same time, the broker business is undergoing profound changes due to digitalization and consolidation. The relationship between broker and broker advisor benefits from a Broker Relationship Management (BRM) solution that creates transparency and increases efficiency of processes. This requires new CRM-based support structures that, through central data storage and flexibly adaptable standard evaluations, create the transparency necessary for effective sales management and enable direct interaction with sales partners.

    based on experience from customer projects
    based on experience from customer projects
    Broker Relationship Management

    Three factors for better customer relationships

    Cross-divisional expertise
    Elaborative insights

    With BSI BRM your broker advisors receive standard evaluations of new business, portfolio, lapse rates, and other key figures at the touch of a button and without any detours. Help them identify potential and need for action using next best actions and spend more time on broker development.

    Central data management

    With BSI BRM you hold the data of your sales partners centrally. Direct contact with brokers gives you a complete picture. This creates transparency and the prerequisite for evaluations which support you in the strategic management of this important sales channel.

    Flexibly adaptable and integrated

    BSI BRM is a modern platform for controlling your broker sales – out of the box and flexibly adaptable without development effort. The simple connection of peripheral systems makes BSI BRM the central cockpit for the daily work of broker advisors and sales channel managers.

    Challenge No central location for storing and evaluating information about brokers

    Information and data on the current situation or potential of brokers are generally anchored in a multitude of different systems or in the heads of broker advisors. As a result, centralized evaluations and analyses of potential are often not possible in practice. The lack of a consolidated view means that the focus of broker support is not properly placed and existing potential is not fully exploited.

    Solution BSI BRM out of the box and configuratively customizable

    Perspective broker advisors

    In the “cockpit”, broker advisors receive an overview of communication, tasks, offers, business cases, next best actions, birthdays, as well as new business and the portfolio in graphical form, aggregated for all supported sales partners. New business is broken down by line of business and the annual development is visualized on a monthly basis. The automatically calculated contact efficiency indicates how much additional revenue can be expected from a new contact. Three lines of business – health, life and property insurance – are included in the standard version; additional lines can easily be added by configuration. In addition to the aggregated view, a 360° view is available to the broker advisor for each sales partner. This includes new business and the portfolio, contact efficiency and rating, the comparator and the broker’s MVP, focus industries and products, contact persons as well as contact history. Offers per status and loss ratio are also displayed. For each sales partner, the broker advisor can also access graphs on new business over time and subdivided according to lines of business and products, and draw up a target-current comparison that can highlight the need for action.

    Perspective sales managers

    The sales managers receive DSGVO-compliant evaluations on all their broker advisors and sales partners, which they can, however, customize individually. The evaluations can be run aggregated for all or alternatively for specific broker advisors and sales partners. For this purpose, the two customer insights “analyze sales” and “gain overview” are available as standard in Broker Relationship Management. Which sales partners are analyzed is controlled by the cohort analysis. Using insights, the sales managers gain knowledge they can pass on to the broker advisors as information without having to analyze every sales partner. The sales managers use BRM to set sales targets for each broker advisor. Sales partners can be assigned to groups, for instance, to keep an eye on those with potential or those requiring particularly intensive support, and to derive sales measures. BRM provides numerous options for automatic calculations: Target group as well as new and existing sales partners are set, and next best actions, the ideal time for the next contact, and contact efficiency are determined.

    Advantages Evaluation at the touch of a button and high transparency about potentials

    Perspective broker advisors

    The broker advisors receive the information required to support their sales partners at the touch of a button: Which are the high-revenue brokers? Which ones need to be developed? For this purpose, standard evaluations on the development of new business and the portfolio provide a quick overview. Individual needs can be taken into account through configurative adjustments. Furthermore, the broker advisors have an overview of their tasks and offers, while efficiently organizing the daily work routine – from daily communication to the annual performance review. Requesting evaluations from the office staff is now a thing of the past and the time thus gained is additionally available for the development of the sales partners

    Perspective sales managers

    The sales managers receive the aggregated view of broker sales: Which are the high-revenue broker advisors, which are the high-revenue sales partners, and which brokers need to be developed? Standard evaluations help to manage and strategically develop this important sales channel. If, for instance, a comparator becomes more important, insights can be used to identify the high-revenue sales partners for this comparator, who can then be closely supported by the broker advisors. Through the direct interaction with the sales partners via campaigns, the sales managers gain important information which is stored and evaluated centrally and in a structured manner. This reduces the dependence on broker advisors as the sole source of knowledge about sales partners. Thus, the accreditation of sales partners, for example, can be realized via an automated campaign without the intervention of the broker advisors.


    Broker Relationship Management will become even more interesting as soon as standard connectors for common peripheral systems are available. In the future, it will be possible to display information from providers such as MaklerRadar in BRM on the 360° view. There are no limits to the possibilities here. For broker advisors in their daily work with sales partners, BSI's BRM thus becomes the destination and main tool, which can also embed already existing ecosystems.


    The BSI Customer Suite

    Digitize the customer relationship and create unique experiences – automated, in real time, and across all touchpoints.

    Your benefits

    Digitize your sales with our online selling product. The BSI Engage module handles supporting and administrative tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual sales room” to electronic signature for digital case closure;
    As a central information system, BSI CRM provides all relevant information and data for any application purpose and across departmental boundaries;
    Whether it is inbound mail automation, next best action, churn detection, or lead scoring – our AI product BSI AI supports you in analyzing your data and helps you with small and large decisions regarding customer-relationship management;
    Our Customer Data Platform BSI CDP collects data from various sources and provides meaningful customer profiles – in real time;
    Organize your connectivity within your ecosystem and create new connections. Our Enterprise Integration Platform BSI EIP offers numerous standardized interfaces which can be easily configured, optimized, and surveilled via a central interface – so that your data can have more impact.

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