Merry CX-mas and a happy 2024

Dominique Wiedemeier
Marketing & Communication Manager, BSI

Another eventful year is coming to an end. Time to look back and take a trip down memory lane:

Growth course continues

BSI und inSign

In January, we were joined by inSign. Through this acquisition, the BSI family has once again grown by many success factors. The BSI Customer Suite was thereby expanded by a strong, seamless solution for electronic and legally compliant signatures. By that time, inSign and BSI had already been long-standing and proven market leaders among German insurance companies and banks. This strengthened our focus industries even further and enabled us to consistently continue our strategic growth course.

I would like to say: We are delighted to have you on board, dear inSign colleagues!

OMR 2023

OMR 2023

In May, we attended the OMR with our partners msg, Consurance and crossnative. The digital marketing trade fair and conference in Hamburg attracts more than 70,000 visitors over two days. In addition to numerous inspiring interactions and impulses, there was also an interactive personalization game, where you could find out your personal business type. The master classes we held with our partners were also a real highlight. In the evening, we were able to really turn up the heat in our alpine hut – be it with Älplermagronen, cold drinks, or the beats by DJ Miss Sabién. “Es hät gfägt”, as our Swiss colleagues would say. We thank our fantastic team who gave their all over the two days to create a unique experience.

PS: We will also be at OMR in 2024 (hall A1, booth B10). Hands in the air, we’ll see you there! We are really looking forward to it!

BSI Academy

BSI Academy Classes

We have invested heavily into the BSI Academy so that we can train customers, partners, and even us BSI folks even better internally. So far, 12 master classes have been held, in which a total of 363 Use Cases have been created and 121 certificates have been issued.


In October, the new BSI Academy training pathways were introduced. They now offer better orientation as to which trainings are recommended and in which sequence. A basic overview has been created of how the BSI Customer Suite can be taught and learned in depth.
Such a training pathway might look as follows:

  • Master class

The master class gives an overview of our entire product suite;

  • Professional class

The professional class deepens product knowledge and teaches you how to apply this knowledge in our projects, including various specializations;

  • Expert class

The expert class courses deepen knowledge even further, at times in very detailed technical or specialist areas.

At the end of the course, as would be done in an academic education, a thesis is written. In this thesis, you dedicate yourself to your area of specialization.

Customer Summit

The BSI Customer took place at the beginning of November – this time with a focus on growth. The motto was “Connect2Grow”. Together with over 750 guests on site at the GDI as well as online, we embarked on a knowledge journey to share experiences, find connections, and grow together. Over 50 top speakers shared their valuable experiences from their projects with an audience consisting of experts from sales, marketing, service, and IT in the GSA region. Another real highlight was the specially built Connection Game, in which all participants were able to connect with each other and collect points.

Further Highlights:


This year, we again have been very successful and can report a record year. We have now grown to a total of 488 success factors. However, we not only invested in people, but also in software. We have invested over 10 million francs in product development. Our products have grown together to create a suite that enables us and our customers to focus on a total of over 150 million customers.

We were able to be present at many trade fairs and events and actively exchange ideas, for instance at the IT Customer Management trade fair congress, Bankingclub, e-world, the ECC Forum digital 2023, and our own two partner events. There were also highlights in digital form. We were able to pass on the knowledge of customers, partners and ourselves with the help of webinars, such as the digital bank shop with Degussa Bank.


MANY THANKS to everyone for the great moments this year. On that note: Happy holidays and Merry CX-Mas. Enjoy this quieter time with your loved ones, and we look forward to really getting going again in the new year.

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