Degussa Bank Omnichannel strategy with BSI

Degussa Bank is taking its customer contact management into the dawning omnichannel era: with BSI as its CRM partner, a 360° view was introduced and all digital and physical channels were integrated into a central CRM solution.

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We aim to depict the entire range of offers across all customer segments with the introduction of our omnichannel strategy. BSI provides us with the communications options and workflows required for this comprehensive customer service approach.
Michael Horf, Member of the Degussa Bank Executive Board.

About the customer

Degussa Bank, Germany’s only worksite bank, with 200 partner companies and around 1,000 employees, is one of the largest issuers of corporate credit cards in Germany.

About the cases

Degussa Bank chose BSI as its technology partner to ensure customer proximity, not only physically to the 200 offices located on company premises and in industrial and business parks, but seamlessly along the entire customer journey. The goal is to provide a consistently positive customer experience across all contact points.

  • CRM with a 360° view

Degussa Bank replaced its existing, isolated system with BSI. Everyone throughout the company profits from the new CRM system with the 360° view. The advantages include: uniform management of the process and workload, independent of whether business cases are generated by the marketing department or whether staff in a bank shop starts a business case.

  • Real-time checking and data management

Service level agreements can be checked in real time; system landscapes have a uniform data format. To make this possible, the landing pages of multiple databases were aggregated for tracking to meet customer expectations of real-time interactions online, mobile and in the branch offices.


BSI is perfectly geared to the regulatory requirements of the banking market, and helps you digitize the customer relationship.

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Noel Vena-Veloso, Head Marketing Analytics, CRM, Marketing & Sales Controlling at Degussa Bank

Required is transparency about which concerns and needs are brought up by customers and what support we provided. It is clear to me that this transparency is found in the CRM system from BSI.

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