February 12, 2024

Boundless growth for BSI – software company achieves double-digit growth

The Swiss company BSI Software AG once again achieved double-digit growth in 2023. The company, with offices in Switzerland and Germany, continues to expand its product portfolio in the holistic customer relationship management space and is planning to make extensive investments.

Baden, February 12, 2024 – The software company BSI is consistently expanding its position in the European CRM vendor market. With its AI-supported BSI Customer Suite as the central tool for digital customer relationships, the innovation-driving company was once again able last year to systematically individualize and expand its line of products for its key industries. Its acquisition of the inSign signature software was one of the factors that made it possible to expand the process chain judiciously. Now, the success of this strategy can be expressed in numbers: “For the total of 2023, we earned a revenue of 100 million Swiss francs, which means we accomplished double-digit growth,” explains Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI. “I look forward to working on many new opportunities ranging from CRM to customer data to AI. We use an industry-focused approach to continue to invest in our products.”

BSI Customer Suite remains a model for success

Consequently, the Swiss company has ceaselessly continued on its growth path since its founding in 1996. Among other things, this is the result of extensive investments in product development, the expansion of the company’s focus industries, and a strong network of partners. In 2023 alone, the company’s BSI Academy certified more than 100 partner employees. The core product – the BSI Customer Suite – is an AI-supported platform used for the digitization of customer relationships. As one of only a few vendors, BSI facilitates customer relationship management that is holistic, extraordinarily configurable and easy to integrate into system landscapes. A special plus for customers is BSI’s high degree of industry focus: The BSI Customer Suite perfectly meets specific requirements existing in the banking, insurance, retail, and energy & utilities industries. Many of its standard processes are already preconfigured and tailored to these individual industries, while other requirements are easy to implement with low-code/no-code options. The result is a flexible, all-in-one solution used to manage customer relationships more efficiently and make them more personalized.

Further investments are planned

The customer relationship authority from Switzerland also emphasizes customer proximity when it comes to its own customer relationships: BSI has a number of offices in Switzerland and Germany to best serve the growing number of its customers. This industry expert is proud to support around 150 million customer relationships in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria for around 230 companies on the software side. No end to the company’s growth is in sight: BSI plans to make extensive investments in 2024 for innovations, especially toward an AI-driven industry solution.

The future is more than AI

Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI, uses three words to summarize the success factors for the future: data, processes, and intelligence. “Data will determine success or failure in the future. Data is the one truth that should be available to everyone in a company. At the same time, you need relevant automated processes in real time as well as context-based, corporate-wide intelligence that is available independently. If you meet all three factors, you can drive excellent customer experiences.”

At the end of 2023, the company released its updated version of the BSI Customer Suite 2023. The release stands out with a variety of intelligent features such as an AI companion and its generative 360° view of the customer. Further information and a demo of the Customer Suite are available at www.bsi-software.com.

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BSI at a glance

The Swiss software developer BSI provides a holistic, AI-supported platform for the digitalization of customer relationships. For Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Energy & Utilities, the BSI Customer Suite provides everything necessary for an excellent customer experience. In addition to its many years of industry expertise, this also includes BSI's CRM system with a generative 360° customer view and the AI-powered BSI companion. Around 230 corporate clients use BSI's software to reach over 150 million end customers across Europe. Since its founding in Switzerland in 1996, the company has proved itself as a market leader in its focus industries in the DACH region. Its clients include renowned companies such as ADAC, Raiffeisen Bankengruppe, Signal Iduna, and PostFinance. Software and people together - that's what BSI stands for.

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