Achieve more together

Ensure that sales, service and marketing are all pulling together and talking to customers in a consistent way across departments - on the right topics, at the best time and on the appropriate channel.


    All data in one place True customer orientation

    Customers are often in contact with companies through different channels and with different departments. This makes it difficult to obtain a central overview of customer data and derive efficient communications measures.

    The BSI Customer Suite bundles relevant data such as current contracts, personal interests, channel releases and classifications. This way, departments have an overall view of customers and can respond individually to requirements.

    Service excellence Individual and involved

    The BSI Customer Suite optimizes processes in sales, service and marketing. Instead of just providing information and offers, you address customers actively, individually and consistently - via all channels, including e-mail, letter, chat or video consultation. In this way, you increase customer satisfaction and with it the referral rate.

    Intelligent process automation More efficient and suitable for automation

    Many processes in sales, service and marketing can be automated to a high degree. Certain triggers automatically launch information or marketing campaigns. This enables you to increase your response speed and improve service quality and customer satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing manual effort.


    Produkt demo

    With the BSI Customer Suite, you provide a place for all your data – and true customer orientation. Watch our video to learn how to implement consistent customer contact and cross-departmental communication activities easily and efficiently.

    The BSI Customer Suite

    Delight your customers

    Digitize your customer relationships and create unique experiences – automated, in real time and across all touchpoints.

    BSI provides “Business out of the box” for your industry to allow you to do so. Seamless processes, customer journeys, customer insights, KPIs and regulations are ready for you to start using.

    The advantages of the BSI Customer Suite

    Incorporates industry-standard processes and customer journeys, e.g., loyalty management for retail;
    Cloud agnostic: can be run in the BSI Cloud, on-premises as a SaaS model or as a multi-cloud model;
    Compliance with all industry-standard regulatory requirements, including data protection (in the DACH region);
    Engagement in the continued development and roadmap design of industry solutions via BSI’s “be_involved” process. Your advantage? You benefit from the exchange with others;
    All products from a single source – intuitive and easy to operate without any media breaks;
    A 360° view is the foundation for holistic service delivery;
    Genuine omnichannel marketing and multi-experience;
    Collaboration within your company, e.g., through Microsoft 365 integration;
    Collaboration with customers via portals and self-services;
    Leverages internal and consolidated customer data, as well as external, enriched data;
    An industry-specific data model – open, flexible and expandable;
    Highly personalized customer journeys for sales, service and marketing;
    Sales consulting and support made easy, no matter the channel you use.

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    BSI Customer Suite

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