BSI CRM Indigo: esthetic, intelligent, infinitely convenient

With the most beautiful update in our company history, we are catapulting our standard product BSI CRM to a new level. The most obvious changes are the new user interface and the intelligent visualization of data. Besides these, BSI CRM Indigo awaits with new functions that support you in your everyday work.

Software that you use to master your workday must be clear and easy-to-use. Just like BSI CRM Indigo. Our users are always our top priority, which drives us to design BSI CRM to be even simpler and cleaner. We questioned each and every function and improved procedures. The result was the most beautiful update in our company’s history. Many new functions await you which fit like a glove – regardless of whether you work in sales, marketing, customer service or management.

Accelerate CRM processes

Whether in customer communications or in guided handling of complex sales tasks: The assistant guides you through your processes step by step. With the multifaceted process-modeling possibilities you remain flexible and can easily react to changing market conditions.

Every customer concern – whether complaint, return or inquiry for the product – is steered through the entire company by the assistant: until it’s solved. In this way, you accompany your customers on their customer journey and ensure that all employees have the right information ready at any time during customer contact – regardless of how the customer contacts you. 

Customer intelligence – and the system thinks along with you

An upcoming contract expiration, too many pending business cases or increasing communication frequency are indicators for a certain customer behavior. Simply leave it up to BSI CRM Indigo to react to various incidents.

Wouldn’t it be good if BSI CRM Indigo autonomously planned a customer visit if none has taken place for a long time? And wouldn’t it be great if the representatives received an SMS if a new order exceeds a certain volume? With the intelligent rule engine in BSI CRM Indigo, we apply the knowledge of the entire company profitably for your sales success.  

Focus on the work

Would you like to compile your personal work package? Then set your specific companies, orders, people, communications or business cases in the new “Focus.” You thereby receive a clear list of your pending activities that you would like to work through today.

Visualize your data

BSI CRM Indigo visualizes your data with many new graphics: interactive maps, pie and bar charts, colored tables or relationship networks help you direct your glance to the essentials and to maintain the overview at all times.

Office and BSI CRM Indigo

BSI CRM Indigo is entering into a new symbiosis with MS Word and MS Outlook. It has never been easier to generate documents with Word and to load data and templates directly from your CRM system. Invoices are generated and letters written with just a few clicks. Our text modules make your work easier so that you have more time for your customers.

Of course, the exchange with groupware functions smoothly and automatically. Synchronization of the contacts, the transfer and displaying of e-mails and tasks belong equally to the standard of BSI CRM Indigo as does the access to one’s own and the authorized calendars.

The word “Indigo” originates from Greek and means “Indian” to describe a deep blue color. The classic blue jeans are made from denim cloth dyed with indigo.

The new BSI CRM Indigo supports you with many new functions and improved procedures. Your experts are prepared for customer contact faster and more comprehensively and your customers will notice this immediately: no follow-ups, no repetitions and no odyssey through customer service. Your customers feel they have been understood right from the start. All this is possible with BSI CRM Indigo.