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He is a true team player in his personal and professional life. For eight years, Ralf Muri has been working at BSI, helping, together with his team, to enhance the software bit by bit every day, true to the motto “Working as a team.” In his free time, he is guided by the same belief: He works as a tour guide, supporting and enabling others to summit mountains.

  • Graduation: Bachelor of Science FHO* in Computer Science
  • Lives and works in Baar
  • Grew up in Zug


You love the mountains. Why is that?

In general, I just love being in nature. The mountains are wild and majestic, and I enjoy that very much. The summit of a mountain, in particular, is a very special place for me. There, you have a 360° view of the mountains, and you can look down at everything. I am fascinated by that.


You were in front of the camera for BSI, and we can now admire the pictures on our website. Vast, impressive mountainous views and snowy landscapes. Can you tell me about the shoot?

We spent two days in the Engadin – at the Diavolezza and the Val Morteratsch. Since we did not get much snow this winter, planning for a suitable location turned out to be tricky. And, of course, the weather had to cooperate as well. On the first day, there was an intense storm. We were lucky we managed to get to our lodging at about 3000 meters above sea level by gondola. Our goal was to capture the sunrise and sunset. That's why we were out early, about an hour before dawn, waiting for the sunrise on a small summit. Once the moment arrives when the sun rises, and its first rays light up the mountain peaks, the fact that you had to get up early for it is already forgotten. Later, the strong wind and cold temperatures posed a challenge for the sunset shoot too. You see, I had to repeatedly stand still and pose so that the photographers could do their work, but that was harder than it sounds in those weather conditions (Ralf laughs).

Not only are you in the mountains for your personal pleasure, but also as a tour guide. How did you get involved with that?

When I went on my first ski tour, I was thrilled to be able to go with experienced tour guides and learn from them. Later, I wanted to give the same back to other people, too. It is also incredibly rewarding to see the tour participants’ eyes sparkle after they have conquered their first summit. Some even have tears in their eyes. It's nice to be able to make such moments possible for other people. And that is not unlike my work as a software engineer: Seeing how happy our customers are with our software solutions and how much they love working with them is the greatest reward.


What kind of adventures do you have on your ski tours?

A landscape with fresh snow is always an adventure, because the snow is still untouched, and you are the first one to make a track through it. That is a small adventure every time. It also feels like an adventure when you are in the high mountains for several days, spending each night in a cabin, cooking for yourself, and melting snow for water. It’s an incredibly intense experience; in the evenings, after touring, only your basic needs count: cooking, food, getting water, and sleep (Ralf laughs). There is little distraction in the mountains; it is just you all by yourself. I experience this same state of mind when I program: I am completely concentrated and absorbed in my work.


What do you do at BSI, when you are not in front of the camera enjoying the beautiful mountain panorama?

I joined BSI in 2012 and have been part of the product development team since 2016. As a product developer in the field of CRM, I develop new features for upcoming releases. I also work on improving current versions, so that our customers get a reliable, easy-to-use, and powerful tool for customer relationship management. So, instead of beautiful mountain landscapes, we develop beautiful, high-performance software environments. I truly work toward making the BSI software products better and better every day.

Why do you love working at BSI?

The work is very diverse. Even after almost eight years, challenges remain. But the most important thing for me is the atmosphere at work. We have a very caring, open, and productive environment here. I also enjoy working together with my colleagues. At BSI, we all work together.

Which of the BSI values is the most important one for you?

My favorite value at BSI is, “We do not lie.” Or, to say it the other way around, “We are honest.” For me personally, it is an important value because it makes the world a better place.

Key facts:

  • This is what makes me happy: Being in the zone
  • Hobbies: Mountain & water sports
  • Role model: Not a specific one, but many aspects of the people in my life
  • Slogan: Let’s do it
  • I can’t wait to: See my children discover their passions

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* FHO = Fachhochschule Ostschweiz; University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

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