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Challenging, demanding, diverse. Not only do these adjectives apply to Monika Freiburghaus’ work, but also to cycling, her second passion. Monica is a Project Manager at BSI. In an interview, Monica shares what she gains from her adventures on two wheels, how the photo shoot we did together at Lenzerheide went, and what her responsibilities at BSI are.


I particularly like the camaraderie we have at BSI. We focus on the big picture and not on the individual team or project.
Monika Freiburghaus, Project Manager at BSI


Key facts:

  • Education: BSc in Computer Science FHNW*, MAS in Business Engineering ZHAW**
  • Lives and works in Zurich
  • Grew up in Bern
  • What makes me happy: Spending time with friends and family, eating good food, the sun and the mountains; my new bike – and my work at BSI
  • Hobbies: Downhill & Enduro biking, trail running, hiking – as long as I am in the mountains
  • I would love to: climb a 4000 m mountain in Switzerland

You are often out in the mountains on your bike. What is your favorite area, and why?

I love biking – anywhere in Switzerland. Especially the mountains of Valais and the Grison Alps have so much to offer. As far as other countries are concerned, my personal highlights have been Canada and the Dolomites. The Dolomites, in particular, are a magical place with spectacular mountains and different kinds of bike trails.


Biking has been a hobby of yours for a long time. Why does it appeal to you?

I have always liked spending a lot of time outdoors in nature as a contrast to my work at BSI. Biking helps me attain this work-life balance. I love going fast on two wheels, going to my limit, and simultaneously making quick, focused decisions. What also motivates me is working toward goals, and this was especially the case when I was still doing races. Since then, my goals have changed slightly. I like planning bike tours that I want to complete and measure the elevation gain I covered. Besides the athletic goals, I also enjoy the vastness of the mountains and the opportunity to soak up some sun. I love being out on the bike with friends who share my passion.

We were there when you skillfully navigated over rocks and roots. We also captured some beautiful photos for our website and advertisements. Tell us about the shoot. How was it?

So, we were out in Lenzerheide. Until right up to the shoot, we did not know if the weather would cooperate. Despite the uncertain weather, we ventured out and were rewarded for it. The weather cleared up beautifully after the rain. The highlight was seeing the beautiful colors of the sun setting behind the Parpan Rothorn. It offered the perfect backdrop for the photos. Simply breathtaking. The night was especially exhilarating. We had planned to spend it in a tent at almost 3,000 meters. But because of the freezing temperatures, the manager of the cable car lines felt sorry for us and let us spend the night in the mountain station. In terms of food, I was pampered as well. We had an excellent risotto and beer for dinner.

Not only do you go full speed on your bike but also in your job at BSI. When did you join BSI, and what do you do there?

I started at BSI as a software developer in 2009; now, I am a project manager. I value the demanding and challenging work at BSI. Getting to know our customers and their industries, processes and systems and helping them have successful project outcomes is rewarding and makes the workday interesting.


What do you like about working at BSI?

I particularly like the camaraderie we have at BSI. We focus on the big picture and not on the individual team or project. Everyone does what they need to do to ensure that our customers and we do well. Being an enthusiastic team player, I can really step it up together with my colleagues. Without like-minded team members, I’d be lost as a project manager anyway. 😉

What is your favorite BSI value and why?

“We do it.” It is my favorite for two reasons. First, this fits my mentality. I like to pitch in and take on responsibilities without a lot of talking beforehand. At BSI, we live and breathe this exact hands-on mentality. Secondly, this value contains “we,” which stands for “the team.” And I like working with my colleagues in a team. BSI employees bring a lot of emotions, energy and passion to our projects. We live and breathe the closeness of the team. This closeness allows us to go full speed ahead, and doing that is precisely what has motivated me at BSI for more than ten years.

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*FHNW: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)

**ZHAW: Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften)

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