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Urs, the BSI CX Product Owner, has inspiring stories to tell. Not just about friends and family, but also about BSI and our customers. In our interview, Urs explains where he gets the material for his stories, talks about the adventurous BSI photo shoot during Indian summer in Switzerland and shares what he values the most about BSI.


"At BSI, I also tell stories. Work and personal interests have come full circle for me."
Urs Frick, BSI CX Product Owner at BSI and passionate photographer


Key facts:

  • Education: Graduate Computer Engineer FH (technical university)
  • Lives in Knonau, and works mostly at the Zurich location (his home base) and the Baar and Baden locations
  • Grew up on a farm in Obfelden (Canton of Zurich)
  • What makes Urs happy: spending time with family and friends
  • Hobbies: photography, videography, sports, sailing – as long as it is outdoors J
  • His role model: no specific archetype, but rather several role models that he likes to emulate
  • Motto: There are too many facets and changes to life to reduce it down to one motto
  • He would really love to: go back to Iceland again

You have a passion for nature photography and video making. Why is that?

I like to tell stories with my photos and videos, which are often intended only for a small audience. Yet, it is always very special when one of my photos or videos make the people in my life happy. A few of my videos have even moved viewers to tears. Stirring emotions, making my friends and family happy – that’s what motivates me.

Can you tell us about your favorite themes? What are your favorite subjects to have in front of your lens?

My favorite themes are oceans and mountains, but people have to be included.

Over the past few years, I have participated in a sailboat regatta in Croatia every spring, where close to 100 boats sail through Kornati Islands National Park. The sails, the water, the limestone formations, the people piloting the boats – there is no limit to the themes.

The mountains and especially the Upper Engadine in Switzerland fascinate me over and over again. Nature has drawn beautiful pictures there. Most people plan day trips into the mountains: They arrive in the morning, and by the late afternoon, it’s already time to go home again. But the magic happens later: from sunset until it is dark. It becomes very quiet and peaceful ... simply magical.


You took us along for a photo shoot, on an adventurous hike with breathtaking spots for photos. The drone footage you shot is available on our website. Where did the shoot take place?

As is typical, I was instantly in an adventure mode on the day of the photo shoot. I wanted to discover something, capture it with my camera or my drone. We had set a flexible schedule for the day with plenty of room for improvisation, because often, things turn out differently than planned. We were also very well equipped with weatherproof clothing, proper shoes and technical equipment such as the camera and drone. So, we set out for the Upper Engadine, which is known for its larch forests, among other things. What’s unique about it is that the needles of the larch trees turn yellow in the fall. So we dove into a scene of glittering lakes, golden forests and gently sloping but mighty mountains. It was beautiful!

What was your experience with the shoot?

It may seem like we spent the day relaxing. But looks can be deceiving. For some of the video recordings, the drone and I had to do some spectacular feats. I was posing on a rock, despite my fear of heights. At that moment, the drone circled around me in autopilot mode, and all I could think of was: “Is it going to crash into the rock? Or is it going to shave my hat off my head?” But I can reassure you that both the drone and I survived the daring shoot. We were tired but safe and happy.


What do you do at BSI when you are not in front of the lens or behind it?

At BSI, I also tell stories or I make sure that others can create delightful customer stories (which is what we call customer journeys here). I get to do this by working on BSI CX, our Digital Experience Platform. As you can see, work and personal interests have come full circle for me.

But in plain words, I have been with BSI for more than 16 years now. I started as a software developer in 2004. Soon after, I was able to assume project management tasks. In 2017, I took on my current role in BSI CX product development, which is a multi-faceted position: I develop new features for our CX platform along with my colleagues. I also make sure that our project teams, who implement our projects with customers and partners, have support and get advice in the customer experience area. Additionally, I am on the road as a salesperson for BSI and present our solutions to customers at their locations. This allows me to hear about current needs directly from the source.

What do you find fascinating about your work?

There are two main factors that inspire me at BSI: One is working with innovative products and the opportunity to drive them forward and the second one is working with so many great and accomplished work friends. They are always ready to give me advice and help me.

What is your favorite BSI value and why?

“We are nice to one another.” For me, this value manifests itself in the fact that BSI always provides a safe home base, so to speak, especially during very intense times or projects. The high level of mutual trust and the extraordinary willingness to help we have here at BSI are unique. I can ask others for help any time. It is truly amazing.

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