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Thomas, a software developer at BSI, does not let anything get out of control – neither in his personal nor business life. In our interview, the software enthusiast shares what he values about his day-to-day work at BSI and talks about his passion, kayaking. Find out how he discovered his love for kayaking and learn what the BSI website photo shoot was like for him.


"Every project challenges me anew and poses new and exciting professional and technical challenges."
Thomas Lindauer, Software Engineer at BSI



  • Education: Graduate Computer Engineer, HTL*
  • Works in: Baar
  • Was raised and lives in: Schwyz
  • What makes Thomas happy: people who are content
  • Hobbies: kayaking, photography, mountain biking
  • He would love to: travel to the Azores
  • His role model: anyone he can learn something from

You spend many hours on the water. Why is that? And what makes it so unique for you?

I like the relaxed atmosphere on mountain lakes, in the middle of a scenic natural environment. A lake is also a place where I can enjoy the quietness without being disturbed, making it easier to relax. In addition, the beautiful sunsets that make the water shimmer in every imaginable color are incredibly fascinating to me. Or, it is an extraordinary feeling when it is completely dark, and I turn on the LED lights inside my kayak. Lakes are just magical places for me.


How, where and when did you discover your love for kayaking? What delights you about it?

Many years ago, I initially went canoeing occasionally and did a canoe trip in Finland. However, canoeing never really excited me that much. After taking a break from it for many years, I came across the Oru kayak. Since it is foldable and very light, I can take it anywhere, which allows me to go kayaking spontaneously without having to deal with a lot of equipment. I can easily put it in the car and have the flexibility to decide after work whether I want to take a detour onto Lake Zug. Sometimes, I also meet friends for a joint kayaking trip. Or, I take someone else along in my two-person kayak. What is so fabulous about kayaking is that I can get to places much faster and more directly by crossing a lake than by car or foot. For example, I can enjoy some ice cream on the other side of the lake and will be back home again after a few strokes of the paddle. For me, these kayaking outings create the perfect work/life balance.


We were lucky enough to join you for several beautiful kayaking outings and take many breathtaking photos that are on our website now. Tell us about the photo shoot. What was it like for you?

We did the photo shoot in three different locations – Türlersee, Lake Zug and Lake Aegeri. The days we spent there were perfect summer days. At Türlersee, it was a bit busy, and therefore, I was happy to get out on the lake and paddle away. A beautiful sunset with a crescent moon in the sky over Lake Zug provided the perfect background for the photo shoot in the evening. There, I came across a swimmer who asked me a ton of questions about my kayak until I pointed out to him that I had to paddle off again toward the photographer. On the second day, we headed out very early in the morning, and it was still pitch-dark when we tiptoed across the camping site by Lake Aegeri. The photo shoot in the dark was fun. The photographer placed the flash in my kayak, and when the flash went off, the light shone through the thin shell of the kayak like magic. Every time the photographer was happy with the setting, he asked me not to move the kayak. Well, that is easier said than done (Thomas laughs). Since I like taking photos, too, it was fascinating for me to watch the photographer.


Not only are you passionate about kayaking, but you are also enthusiastic about software. How long have you worked at BSI, and what do you do there?

This year, I am already celebrating my 20th anniversary at BSI. I started as a software engineer in 2001. Since then, I have worked on many different customer projects and have also taken on a project manager role. Yet, I found out soon that I prefer software development, which I still focus on today. However, with many years of experience, one automatically takes on additional roles, such as business analyst or project manager. Currently, I handle support inquiries and upgrade requests from various long-term customers. At the same time, I am working on a big update project for a customer in the automotive industry.

What do you value about your work at BSI?

The total package is a great fit. And yet, there are two specific reasons why I decided to join BSI back then; first of all, BSI offers a lot of variety because of the many customer projects we have in various industries. Every project challenges me anew and poses new and exciting professional and technical challenges. In addition, project work consists of many different tasks. For example, besides doing development, I also talk with customers or get involved in the architecture. Secondly, software development is BSI’s core business, which means that my work and the work of my colleagues in software development have high priority. In addition, I like the flat hierarchy we live by at BSI and the easy-going interaction in our network. And I like pragmatic solutions, which are common at BSI (Thomas smiles).

What is your favorite BSI value and why?

I do not really have a favorite value. I think that all values taken together ensure that both our customers and we will do well in the long term. That way, my work makes sense to me. The collaborative environment we maintain also contributes to the fact that I like going into the office. It is always about us reaching a shared goal together, rather than about one’s own advantage.

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