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Benefit from comprehensive and predictive customer service that is proactive rather than simply reactive. In addition to facilitating a personalized approach across all channels, the BSI Customer Suite also accommodates sale-closing consultations by video and personalized offers at the right time.

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    Omnichannel opt-in Customers do not think in terms of channels

    Lena Meier, a customer, is expecting a baby and wants to do everything possible to protect herself and her young family. With this premise, her customer journey begins: Lena goes online to search for feasible supplemental insurance for children and finds a potential insurer whose products appeal to her: It happens to be the same health insurance company Lena uses, and it shows her personalized content with the help of the BSI Customer Suite.

    Since Lena is not totally sure yet what she wants to do, she opts for an in-person consultation. She selects video consulting from the available contact options and schedules an appointment with an advisor for the following week. Later, Lena receives an e-mail with a summary of the data for the desired consultation appointment. Everything is ready.

    Customers want to be able to contact companies regardless of time and place. With BSI, you can combine analog and digital sales and service channels to make the customer journey as seamless as possible across all channels.

    Sales-closing consultations by video Customers want to save time

    Two days before the appointment, the advisor prepares for the meeting by evaluating the existing data about Lena Meier, the customer. This helps the advisor identify the expectant mother’s potential needs, and, in addition to simply compiling a relevant offer for supplemental insurance for children, the advisor also prepares other product packages. During the meeting, the advisor utilizes the benefits a videoconference provides and takes Lena through a presentation. Lena is pleased that she can conclude the policy right then during the appointment – without any additional paperwork.

    With the BSI Customer Suite, you can record your meeting in a MiFID II-compliant manner – in other words, the solution meets FinVermV requirements (Finanzanlagenvermittlungsverordnung; Regulation on the distribution of financial assets). In addition, BSI follows the guidance of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) and observes BaFin/FINMA guidelines regarding information technology security. As a result, you can close the sale with an e-signature right then during the videoconference.

    Hyper-personalization Customers expect personalized service

    After Lena Meier’s baby is born, her baby is added to the insurance company’s system, and shortly thereafter, Lena Meier receives a congratulations card from her insurer, which delights her. At regular intervals, the insurance company also offers Lena products that might be of interest to a young family. Two years after signing the contract for supplemental insurance, Lena Meier and her family move, and she changes her address information on the insurer’s website. Shortly thereafter, she receives an offer for home contents insurance. That's perfect timing, Lena thinks. After five years, she is delighted when she receives a small thank-you gift for her loyalty: A message from her insurance company that includes a gift voucher has arrived in Lena Meier’s e-mailbox.

    Benefit from BSI to access consolidated customer data and deliver unique value to your customers with trigger-based information and marketing campaigns. For example, the BSI Customer Suite automatically creates product recommendations based on existing data, thus improving the customer journey, increasing sales and cultivating customer loyalty. In addition, you can calculate the probability of customer churn with the BSI Customer Suite, which ensures that your customer advisors are alerted early by the system and receive recommended actions.


    Business out of the box [Customer Summit presentation 2022]

    There are many hurdles to overcome before a prospect becomes a customer – with the business-out-of-the-box model, insurance companies gain a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications that help map the perfect customer journey.

    The BSI Customer Suite

    Delight your customers

    Digitize your customer relationships and create unique experiences – automated, in real time and across all touchpoints.

    BSI provides “Business out of the box” for your industry to allow you to do so. Seamless processes, customer journeys, customer insights, KPIs and regulations are ready for you to start using.

    The advantages of the BSI Customer Suite

    Incorporates industry-standard processes and customer journeys, e.g., loyalty management for retail;
    Cloud agnostic: can be run in the BSI Cloud, on-premises as a SaaS model or as a multi-cloud model;
    Compliance with all industry-standard regulatory requirements, including data protection (in the DACH region);
    Engagement in the continued development and roadmap design of industry solutions via BSI’s “be_involved” process. Your advantage? You benefit from the exchange with others;
    All products from a single source – intuitive and easy to operate without any media breaks;
    A 360° view is the foundation for holistic service delivery;
    Genuine omnichannel marketing and multi-experience;
    Collaboration within your company, e.g., through Microsoft 365 integration;
    Collaboration with customers via portals and self-services;
    Leverages internal and consolidated customer data, as well as external, enriched data;
    An industry-specific data model – open, flexible and expandable;
    Highly personalized customer journeys for sales, service and marketing;
    Sales consulting and support made easy, no matter the channel you use.

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