December 14, 2021

Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G. selects BSI BRM for sales partner support

Baden, December 14, 2021 – Supporting and managing their sales partners well are key competitive advantages for insurance companies. Like others, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G. is an insurer that relies on independent sales partners to sell its insurance products throughout Germany. To continue to enhance its sales partner support, Die Stuttgarter selected the Broker Relationship Management from the CRM company BSI. It is a CRM software solution specifically tailored to the needs of independent sales partners and customized to B2B insurance sales.

Many insurers frequently do not have sufficient insight into the true success of their sales partners’ work. To make its sales partners’ value contribution across business priorities and customer groups more transparent and enhance its support across all relevant channels, Die Stuttgarter went looking for a software partner. BSI, the specialist company for digital customer management, prevailed against well-known competitors as part of a tender. In particular, it scored points for the customized features of its BRM solution, the market viability of its products and its collaboration in close partnership and on an equal footing.

New synergies and more customer orientation with the 360° view

With BSI BRM, Die Stuttgarter can transparently map its specific requirements for agency sales in one software solution and simultaneously benefits from a product that has established itself as the industry standard. The BRM software, which replaces a legacy solution at the company, now facilitates a 360° view of key sales partner and sales figures. In addition to the uniform sales partner and prospect management, a user-friendly overview of various contact opportunities and dates helps ensure that the sales partners receive information and support seamlessly in accordance with Die Stuttgarter’s high quality standards. The platform provides comprehensive insights into the partners’ communications and history while at the same time supporting them with guided processes.

A summer go-live for BSI BRM

With BSI BRM, Die Stuttgarter unlocked the gate to the BSI universe. In addition to a uniform contact point for agent support, the solution also provides the technical prerequisites to incorporate marketing through marketing automation interfaces. The project’s added value is already evident to both partners. Roland Schäfer, Senior Department Head at Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G., sums it up: “With BSI BRM, we are able to achieve the digital transformation of our sales partner support. We are excited to benefit from the industry standard and from regular releases in close cooperation with BSI so that we can drive the continuous development of the solution together. At the same time, it helps us strengthen the bond with our sales partners because we now have better support options and create interfaces for additional ecosystems – it’s a win-win situation for our sales partners as well as for us.”

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