April 19, 2022

Release 2022: Compelling customer experiences from a single source with BSI

Baden, April 19, 2022 – Never before have companies been able to map out the relationships with their customers more efficiently and with more potential than today. The right tools and the volume and quality of the potentially available data promote a holistic understanding of customers and the comprehensive management of customer journeys. With the new major release of its BSI Customer Suite, the Swiss software company BSI presents holistic digital customer management along the value chain in the industries it focuses on: insurance, banking and retail, as well as energy & utilities of late.

The BSI Customer Suite is a central solution for the digital transformation of customer relationships and favorable customer experiences with company-wide applications. It is based on a composable architecture that facilitates the use of best-for-the-purpose technologies. With this technology approach, companies build their IT architecture from solutions that are all especially well-suited for a particular purpose. This is achieved with the help of standardized and open programming interfaces called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With the BSI Customer Suite, companies and organizations can manage their customer relationships holistically in marketing, sales and service along the entire value chain. It is particularly well suited for organizations with complex customer processes, a high level of personalization and large volumes of sensitive customer data. With its Release 2022, BSI provides an answer to constantly changing customer needs and new market requirements such as multi-cloud strategies, out-of-the-box processes and ecosystems.

Components of the BSI Customer Suite: A brief look at what’s new in Release 2022

The BSI Customer Suite combines seven individual products, offering comprehensive sales, marketing, service and operations tools. All the products are seamlessly integrated and can access each other’s features but can also be used individually:

  • BSI CX – Customer Experience: You can design, execute and optimize customer journeys as personalized campaigns, so-called “stories” to automate your omnichannel support. Thanks to its trigger-based approach, you can respond to relevant (life) events in real time and offer your customers the products and services that are right for them. New in Release 2022: options for creating websites and portals by drag and drop and web analytics and data separation functions.
  • BSI CRM – Customer Relationship Management: BSI provides a 360° view of customer data and behavior. Since routine activities are automated, you have more time for your customers. New in Release 2022: features for sales management, seamless collaboration with Microsoft 365, and video conferencing that includes a legally compliant contract conclusion.
  • BSI AI – Artificial Intelligence: BSI supplies machine learning workflows, such as for intelligent data analysis and customer clustering. New in Release 2022: functions for in-depth data analysis and customer insights thanks to reinforcement learning and rule-based analytics support.
  • BSI CDP – Customer Data Platform: This data platform gives you a holistic view of your customers, dismantles data silos and ensures your data’s quality and GDPR-compliant protection. New in Release 2022: a universal, industry-specific data model and easier data exploration.
  • BSI EIP – Enterprise Integration Platform: The BSI ecosystem links to other ecosystems with configurable interfaces and standard connectors. BSI is easy to integrate into the system landscape via low and zero code. New in Release 2022: the link to platforms, ecosystems and other providers and the easy-to-configure, straightforward, fast connection of new interfaces.
  • BSI Insight – Customer & Data Insights: With analytics, an elaborate reporting dashboard and direct access to business intelligence, you can use your customer data intelligently. New in Release 2022: analytics access to all BSI Customer Suite data, detailed data analyses with descriptive charts, dashboards with innovative user interfaces and differentiated target group selections.
  • NEW: BSI Snapview – Legally Secure Customer Engagement: This platform for legally compliant and sales-closing video conferencing is seamlessly integrated into the BSI Customer Suite. It holistically supports sales and consultative processes, ranging from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual salesroom” to the electronic signature. In doing so, it meets the highest level of safety-related requirements and regulatory guidelines.

As Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI, describes the innovations, “Companies can comprehensively personalize and automate services and communication in real time with the new BSI Customer Suite. You can give your customers a seamless experience with these new functions – across all channels and in real time.”

All advantages at a glance

  • Compelling customer experiences: With the Suite, you can create personalized, automated customer experiences across channels in real time.
  • A flexible and intuitive user interface: All products have a uniform, completely revised user interface in Release 2022. Thanks to the consistent low-code and zero-code approach, you can tailor it very specifically to each user’s individual role.
  • Time for the things that matter: Thanks to the automation of routine tasks, your marketing, sales and service employees can focus on demanding tasks that require human ability.
  • Dismantling silos: The comprehensive data model, cross-departmental processes and uniform 360° customer view make the collaboration across departments possible.

According to Christian Rusche, CTO at BSI, “The BSI Customer Suite provides an easy integration of system landscapes and strong analytics, in addition to comprehensive customer management, marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on the retail, banking, insurance and energy & utility industries, i.e., a lot of specialization that comes with it and broad connectivity, the Suite embodies the advantages of specialized best-of-breed products and the consistency of cross-platform solutions.”

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BSI at a glance

The Swiss software developer BSI provides a holistic, AI-supported platform for the digitalization of customer relationships. For Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Energy & Utilities, the BSI Customer Suite provides everything necessary for an excellent customer experience. In addition to its many years of industry expertise, this also includes BSI's CRM system with a generative 360° customer view and the AI-powered BSI companion. Around 230 corporate clients use BSI's software to reach over 150 million end customers across Europe. Since its founding in Switzerland in 1996, the company has proved itself as a market leader in its focus industries in the DACH region. Its clients include renowned companies such as ADAC, Raiffeisen Bankengruppe, Signal Iduna, and PostFinance. Software and people together - that's what BSI stands for.

BSI Customer Suite

Provide a truly compelling customer experience with seven products – all in one solution.