June 23, 2021

BSI and Consurance jointly support the digital customer experience in retail

Baden, June 23, 2021 – The demand for digital customer experience solutions is high across many industries – and it has increased even more during the Coronavirus pandemic. Against this background, BSI, the software company specializing in digital customer relationship management and the consulting firm Consurance are launching a joint sales campaign as part of their collaboration. The objective is to expand the combined customer base by marketing the Digital Experience Platform BSI CX, with an initial focus on retail.

Consurance provides consulting services in accounting, controlling and process optimization with subsequent IT implementation to various industries. Its key industries, much like BSI’s, include the retail and insurance sectors. As part of the two companies’ initial collaborative project at one of BSI’s customers, Consurance served as the implementation and integration partner. Both parties quickly recognized the potential for further collaboration: With around 300 companies – two-thirds of them in the retail sector – Consurance has an extensive customer base suitable for implementing IT and business intelligence projects. Its extensive experience integrating IT systems and implementing CRM solutions, in particular, makes Consurance an ideal partner for BSI. At the same time, BSI brings to the joint collaboration its innovative solutions for digital customer relationships. With their combined strengths, BSI and Consurance expect to win over new potential customers interested in the customer experience and BSI’s solutions.

The digitization of customer relationships as a top priority in retail

Initially, both partners plan to focus on retail in their joint customer engagements. This decision is based on BSI CX, the center of the sales approach and the Digital Experience Platform from BSI, and its enormous potential for this industry in particular. Specifically, medium-sized retail companies are currently driving their e-commerce activities ahead tremendously and are increasingly making investments in digitizing their customer relationships. The need to catch up became apparent during the Coronavirus pandemic when the measures to combat the virus reduced personal contacts by a large degree. Now, more and more retail businesses count on digital and hybrid models to preserve their customer relationships and perhaps strengthen them even further.

This scenario promises a high demand for proven solutions to digitize customer relationships and customer experience management – which is precisely what BSI provides.

Initial successes of the sales campaign

Clearly, this has been a successful approach, as the two companies have already gained several joint customers. Throughout their further collaboration, Consurance will also be taking on larger projects independently.

“The Coronavirus pandemic will change consumer behavior permanently, and we have to adapt to that,” commented Guido Wölky, Partner Manager at BSI. “That is why the time has definitely come for retail to continue to strengthen its customer relationships in the digital area as well. I am confident that together with Consurance, we will make a significant contribution to it and will also be able to convince companies that do not yet know us and our technologies of the potential of the digital customer experience.” “We have been very impressed with the opportunities BSI CX creates for companies’ customer relationships. They are a great foundation for our collaboration,” adds Matthias Gößler, Managing Director at Consurance. “We very much look forward to leveraging our sales expertise for such a promising solution and together with a partner that has the expertise and is also an exceptional partner on a human level.”

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