Tomorrow’s customer relationship management, the BLKB way

Elmar Loof
Senior Marketing Manager Content and Communications, BSI

Founded in 1864, BLKB, short for Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, focuses on sustainability in its leading-edge business model. To meet tomorrow’s demands of today’s customers – retail customers and SMEs – and employees, BLKB relies on the preeminent range of services offered by BSI.

Key facts

  • Comprehensive customer consultations and personalized service throughout the entire customer cycle;
  • Central 360° view with customer history;
  • Reduced workload, with a focus on what’s essential in customer consultations and core topics;
  • Customer relationships are digitally transformed;
  • Support for the sustainability-focused business model.

Equipped today and all set for tomorrow – State-of-the-art work processes with BSI

BLKB’s sustainable business model encompasses people, society and the environment. In the BLKB universe, customers, business partners, the region and employees are a holistic unit. To strengthen the sustainability of customer relationships, including customer consultations, the renowned bank embarked on a multi-week pilot project with BSI CX, which turned out to be a resounding success. In addition to managing the customer relationship effectively along the customer life cycle, it was also important to BLKB to support its employees in their activities with state-of-the-art software solutions.

“All customer information will be in the CRM. This means we no longer have to enter it manually.” Markus Weber, Client Advisor, Finance Lead, BLKB

BLKB Markus Weber

Local and digital customer consultations: A 360° view with BSI

With BSI, BLKB is able to provide comprehensive customer consultations and personalized service along the various phases of the customer lifecycle. The central 360° customer view, which also includes the customer history, helps customer representatives identify and seize sales and service opportunities early. In addition to existing customers, this cycle also includes website visitors and prospects. BLKB’s on-site consultations are of particular importance, with focus areas being the easy capture and use of customer data. Customer consultations are enhanced by the product overview and the process and sales consulting support in BSI.

“The relationships with our customers are especially important to us, which is another reason we use the BSI Customer Suite for customer consulting in our branches.”
Markus Weber, Client Advisor, Finance Lead, BLKB

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