Storytelling for an optimized customer experience

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

People in the insurance industry talk a great deal about technology and experiences. The question is also to what extent personalization and automation can go together, or whether the two concepts contradict one another. "This question is easy to answer. Personalization and automation can go hand in hand, but only if you are able to link the customer experience to the person," says Ingo Gregus from adesso experience. This involves creative storytelling.

"The customer doesn't think in terms of channels. He thinks in terms of communication, and in specific terms."
Ingo Gregus, Managing Director, adesso experience GmbH

Key points at a glance

  • Understanding the customer experience requires a shift in perspective. You need to put yourself in the customer's shoes;
  • The automation of processes isn't ever finished. It's something that occurs 24/7;
  • Whether it's for smartphones, desktops, tablets etc – communications for the various different platforms need to be used in the best possible way in order to launch the next story;
  • Hyper-personalization and process automation only work if they are linked to the customer experience;
  • Sales processes are supported by optimized platform environments.

Ingo Gregus, Geschäftsführer adesso experience GmbH

"We want to hear from the customer. We don't just want to send. We want to receive too." Ingo Gregus, Managing Director, adesso experience GmbH

Reinvestment case: Customer loyalty thanks to personalized customer journeys

The interaction of software products is the be-all and end-all when it comes to process automation and hyper-personalization in the customer journey. As a provider of customer experience expertise, adesso experience GmbH is a consultancy, IT service provider and creative agency rolled into one. The services offered by the wholly owned subsidiary of adesso SE rely on BSI's services.

By offering a look "under the hood" in the case of a pension scheme, adesso experience and BSI provided an example of how the PBM Business Machine and BSI SaaS platforms work together. In this way, they showed how customer loyalty can be optimized using personalized customer journeys.

The experts Ingo Gregus (adesso experience) and Nadim Diethelm (BSI) outlined the sales process for reinvestment as a case study. Above all, this made it clear how the two different platforms are linked as part of the ecosystem, and how successfully data is transferred in both directions.

The platform environment provided makes it quick and easy to contact the customer regarding the reinvestment sales process. To this end, highly personalized landing pages that include extensive information are created for customers. Customized videos also provide all of the relevant information and alternatives, and offer appointments.

Valuable data for successful customer journey management

Understanding customers' requirements and preferences has become essential for sales and marketing, and therefore for future-proofing companies. It is equally vital to be aware that customer journeys are no longer linear, but rather cross-channel, involving multiple touch points.

The insights provided by PBM and BSI using reinvestment in the field of pension schemes as a case study can be used to optimize the customer experience. Did customers come to us via their smartphone, desktop or tablet? What did the landing pages look like? "This is the feedback that I need in order to set up the next customer journey and start the next process," said Ingo Gregus.

"Everything I need to know about the customer is there. Information brings us closer to the customer."
Ingo Gregus, Managing Director, adesso experience.

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