Social media marketing: How to get new customers and prevent scatter loss

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More than two-thirds of marketing professionals indicate that they have reached their highest return on investment with social media marketing (Prophet, 2019). This is only one of the reasons this tool ought to play a central role in companies’ online marketing strategies. Social media marketing is an excellent tool for customer acquisition if used correctly, and it allows you to reach out to your preferred customers, keeping scatter loss at a minimum.

Key points

  • With social media marketing, companies can reach out to customers in a highly targeted manner – yet, this potential remains untapped in many businesses.
  • A customized customer journey requires smooth collaboration between all departments and teams – your reward will be delighted customers.
  • You must have the full support of your tech stack for it. That is why we developed BSI CX, the Digital Experience Platform.

Social media marketing’s potential is rarely fully utilized in the retail sector

In every industry, digital transformation has triggered profound and lasting changes, and retail has been particularly hard hit by it. The pandemic has only exacerbated the sales shift toward online sales (IFH, COLOGNE 2020). Businesses that want to be successful in the market and want to grow need to reach out to their customers in a targeted manner and find cost-effective methods to generate leads. This is precisely what social media marketing provides.

Nevertheless, the retail sector in the German-speaking countries has much catching up to do. Because of the high scatter loss in marketing, the acquisition of new customers is the most significant cost driver in the retail sector – advertising costs can comprise 60 to 70 % of revenue (Roland Berger, 2020). Using targeted, personalized social media marketing, companies can minimize scatter loss and get more new prospects for lead generation.

Objectives and challenges

Two objectives are at the center of social media marketing:

  1. Fast customer acquisition with a high ROI
  2. Enhanced customer loyalty with higher revenue per customer

You can only have maximum success if you reach out to the right people at the right time and in the right manner. Using this approach will ensure that your messages are as targeted as possible, and that scatter loss is prevented. You can accomplish this with segmentation and a personalized approach.

Next, you need to continue to process the results from the evolving contacts as well as possible to create the highest benefit for your brand and your customers. Key terms in this context are data management and customer journey.

The critical variables for these topics are on the content, organizational and technical levels and should be seamlessly intertwined. Technical solutions will help you analyze and accurately map your target groups. You will be able to compel your audience with perfectly synchronized, engaging content inexpensively and in an automated manner. If your specialists, teams and departments work hand in hand from the start, every element of the customer journey will join together for your customers and become a delightful whole.

The most essential tools in one suite

The tools and software solutions market in social media marketing is growing at an exponential rate. Yet, the convenience of a large selection also brings with it significant complexity.

Stand-alone solutions often complicate their efficient use due to a lack of interfaces and redundant functions. For the main tasks, we recommend a complete and transparent suite solution.

The Digital Experience Platform BSI CX fully maps the basic steps in social media marketing:

  • Selecting the desired target group in BSI with BSI CX
  • Exporting the target group using a standard interface
  • Importing and creating look-alike audiences for social media
  • Delivering lead gen ads to your target group’s “statistical twins” in a targeted manner
  • Importing the new leads back to BSI CX using a standard interface
  • Continuing the customer journey in BSI CX

Use this approach, and there is a strong probability that every contact will turn into a lead – and eventually into a delighted customer.

Have we piqued your interest in social media management, customer journey management and omnichannel marketing? The team at BSI has many years of experience in the retail industry and would be happy to assist and advise you.

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