Shaping the future of customer service with customer feedback

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

At SIGNAL IDUNA, Niklas Heintzenberg is the person that measures customer satisfaction. He spoke with us about his definition of personalization, SIGNAL IDUNA’S exciting customer experience journey, and BSI’s role in all of it.

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Niklas, the motto of this year’s BSI Customer Summit is “It’s all about ... YOU.” You will be presenting there. What does personalization mean to you?

At SIGNAL IDUNA, especially in our customer experience project with BSI, we try to look at everything we can from the customer’s point of view. For me, personalization from the customer’s point of view means individualized offers and sales advice: For example, a vendor who offers me, personally, the right lens for my camera instead of contacting me with standardized newsletters sent out to thousands of customers. Or, an insurance company that offers accident insurance to me because they know that I ski. Or, in regard to our project, and possibly not immediately apparent to customers at first: A customer who gives a negative NPS rating and then receives a personalized service or sales offer that specifically addresses her dissatisfaction. That, in my opinion, is personalization.

What are SIGNAL IDUNA’S goals with the Digital Experience Platform BSI CX?

One of our central corporate agile transformation goals is to record customer satisfaction with the help of the Transactional Net Promoter Score (TNPS) at all possible touchpoints with the customer to identify critical variables and improve customer satisfaction in the long run. Of course, you cannot do this without an appropriate technical solution, and this is where BSI CX comes into play as a SaaS solution. It is exactly the right tool for trigger-based approaches in sales, service and marketing. Many other use cases are already in our pipeline, such as Webinar evaluations using QR codes, loop calls, and different customer surveys.

Now, I quickly have to ask: What are loop calls?

After completing a TNPS survey, customers can leave a phone number so that we can call them back. That’s a loop call. During that call, we can get clarification on what is behind the rating, understand why a customer was not satisfied, and ideally also offer a solution to the issue.

Why did BSI CX win you over?

Out of the various vendors we evaluated, BSI ultimately prevailed for several reasons. We already use some of the components of the BSI solution at SIGNAL IDUNA, such as the reporting or the loop call option. While other vendors offered complete packages only, BSI CX has allowed us to expand our systems module by module while continuing to use existing systems. In addition, BSI CRM is currently being implemented in the company, and we have been impressed with the opportunities arising from the interaction between BSI CX and the CRM system.

How do your customers benefit from your company’s customer experience efforts?

We definitely see ourselves as a service-focused insurance company. With the results of our first CX project, our goal is to improve all customer touchpoints where we measure the TNPS through transactional customer feedback. We want to enhance the customer experience holistically, which will result in customers being more willing to recommend the business. Whether it refers to service automation, phone contact with an employee, or contact with an exclusive broker, there is potential for improvement everywhere from the customer’s point of view. BSI CX helps us identify the variables with the greatest improvement potential and, at the same time, provides us with starting points for creating new solutions.

Essentially, this means that customers can contribute to shaping the future of our service.


At the BSI Customer Summit on November 2 and 3, 2021, Niklas Heintzenberg will be making a presentation about the customer experience project at SIGNAL IDUNA. He will discuss its initial successes as well as the challenges faced along the path to increased customer satisfaction. You don’t want to miss it!

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