IP Dynamics x BSI: Equitable distribution and proper prioritization of all tasks

Dr. Peter Greck
Head Of Software Development, IP Dynamics GmbH

IP Dynamics and BSI have worked closely together to develop an interface between BSI CRM and IP Dynamics’ Voxtron Communication Center (VCC), an omnichannel platform for customer communication. A joint customer project illustrates its advantages: a short learning curve, improved ergonomics and increased productivity.

As part of a joint customer project, about 1,800 employees will be working with the new solution. Since the omnichannel platform is fully integrated into BSI, users will operate the solution and answer and process incoming phone calls, e-mails and chat messages exclusively via BSI CRM. Hence, all essential media channels and features are combined on the interface of a single specialized application. Since the customer’s users were already very familiar with BSI CRM, the learning curve was short. At the same time, the integration will result in considerable ergonomics and productivity improvements in the day-to-day work.

The omnichannel platform, combined with IP Dynamics’ Dynamic Brain expansion module, ensures in the background that all pending tasks are distributed optimally and fairly to the employees signed into the system. Incoming calls, e-mails, chats and other tasks are routed to the employee most suitable for processing them, and the company’s entire worklist is included in real time. Intelligent work distribution is achieved by taking into account definable parameters such as priority or idle time. This approach ensures that every task is processed on time and to the full satisfaction of employees and customers.

Further projects are in the planning stages while the two partners continue to drive the integration.

“The interaction between BSI CRM and Dynamic Brain will result in significant opportunities for our joint customers. Not only do we make work processes more efficient, but they are fairer as well.”
Peter Greck, Head Of Software Development, IP Dynamics GmbH

All advantages of the partnership at a glance:

  • Seamless integration of all media channels and inclusion of the entire worklist in real time;
  • Productivity improvement through equitable work distribution and intelligent prioritization;
  • Intuitive usability and short learning curve for users;
  • Easy rollout thanks to a “gentle migration” and the high scalability of the solution.

About our partner

IP Dynamics GmbH is an innovative IT company that develops contact center and unified communications solutions. Optimizing and automating business processes through customized IT solutions is its specialty. Whether it comes to the cloud, VoIP, chatbots or voice portals, IP Dynamics meets every customer’s needs. The company’s range of services extends from planning and implementation to QA and the subsequent hosting of systems.

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