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VISION2023 – this is Signal Iduna’s motto for its transformation into an agile company that focuses on its customers. “Agile” means that teams work on solutions autonomously and across disciplines. This approach increases the speed of development and enhances innovation. It requires teams to be connected to each other well and companies to measure their customers’ satisfaction regularly to identify and correct errors quickly.

Key facts

  • Transformation process and agilization;
  • The goal: to improve the customer experience;
  • tNPS measurement with BSI CX.

Learning from feedback

In the past, Signal Iduna had different ways of assessing their customer’s overall satisfaction: In addition to giving feedback to customer service and sales, customers provided satisfaction feedback through assessment tools used in divisions and along their customer journeys. While this lack of a standard has led to high added costs, the separation is expected to disappear due to the agile transformation. From now on, the Group will measure its tNPS holistically and centrally with BSI CX. The tNPS measures a customer’s willingness to recommend a company based on one specific transaction. The results help companies respond more quickly to shifting customer concerns and define variables to improve the customer experience in the long term.

Central control and rapid scalability

With BSI CX, Signal Iduna can execute, monitor and optimize its tNPS measurements in real time. According to Niklas Heintzenberg, Project Manager at Signal Iduna, scalability is another advantage. In a matter of minutes, the company can create websites and connect them to new measuring points with a link. Signal Iduna also plans to link measuring points to other channels such as customer service. For example, they could be callback options where customers can provide feedback after phone contact with the company or part of e-mails and mailings.

Niklas Heintzenberg_Signal Iduna_quer.jpg

“We can scale to new measuring points in a matter of minutes.”
Niklas Heintzenberg, Signal Iduna

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At Signal Iduna, the customer is king and customer satisfaction is the overriding goal .

“The support we have received from our colleagues at BSI is outstanding.”
Niklas Heintzenberg, Signal Iduna

In the future, the company could also initiate marketing campaigns based on tNPS measurements and use the data for cross- and upselling in the sales channel. Furthermore, Signal Iduna has plans for a parallel BSI CRM implementation to capitalize on synergy effects.

You, too, could measure your customers’ satisfaction with BSI CX

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