Four reasons why you should combine your CRM with a chatbot

Elmar Loof
Senior Marketing Manager Content and Communications, BSI

  • Integrating modern “enterprise-ready ChatGPT” with BSI CRM takes user interactions and experiences to a new level, positively impacting revenue and profits.
  • Benefits include higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, increased sales and conversions, automated end-to-end processes that result in cost savings, and reduced customer service costs.
  • Access to cutting-edge AI technology for BSI customers.

With the virality of ChatGPT, it has almost become a necessity for companies to equip their contact center with AI and chatbots to improve not only customer support, but also their marketing and sales projects and customer interactions. Integrating a chatbot with CRM can be a powerful tool to streamline business operations and improve customer interactions. This integration allows companies to create personalized interactions with customers, improve data collection and analysis, and increase sales and revenue.

In this article, we'll review the key benefits of integrating a chatbot and provide case studies of how BSI and Enterprise Bot work together to create real value for customers. Learn how this integration is transforming customer service and can help companies deliver exceptional customer service.

Top four reasons:

1 – Improve customer engagement and satisfaction:

Have you ever had a conversation with a bot that had no information about you and felt very impersonal? Integrating an AI-driven chatbot with a CRM can greatly improve personalization, leading to higher customer retention and satisfaction. When connected to the CRM, the chatbot can leverage data about previous interactions with customers, enabling tailored conversations and relevant recommendations that delight customers. The result is more meaningful and targeted customer communications, leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

2 – Increase sales and revenue:

personalization and higher satisfaction are a great foundation, but it is strengthened by the fact that this also means an improvement in revenue. For example, a Swiss insurance company improved their conversion rate by over 150% by using live chat and chatbot technology to provide 24/7 availability and personalized service. Integration with BSI CRM also gives you a 360° view of customers, improving retention and opening up new cross-selling opportunities, which in turn further increase revenue and conversion rates.

3 – Streamlining customer service:

a chatbot is able to help businesses with an end-to-end customer journey. This means that the virtual agent's role does not end once the sale is completed. AI chats help businesses streamline their customer service by answering repetitive and mundane support requests in an automated way. From address change requests to filing a claim, everything can be automated to allow valuable resources to focus on more value-added and sensitive issues, ensuring their optimal use. An example of this is Swica's chatbot IQ, which uses Enterprise Bot and BSI. Here, customers can request a change of address, add a new person to their insurance policy, and more, with this automatically added and executed in BSI CRM, ensuring end-to-end process automation and savings. Another good example is Riverty (formerly Afterpay), which was able to automate 60% of all call center inquiries within three months using Enterprise Bot. This also aligns with a report from IBM that said companies that implemented chatbots saw a 70% drop in call volume, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and lower customer service costs.

4 – Improve data collection and analysis:

Did you know that not only can you use the conversations to help customers directly, but that this data is also signals of what your customers really want? It also allows you to find out in which areas the customer journey may still be flawed. For example, a large rail company in the EU found that NPS dropped by 40% due to refund requests. The company also found that it could save €0.5 million annually by automating this one request, making it an easy decision for the company to prioritize it accordingly down the line.

To achieve such results, BSI and Enterprise Bot have partnered to transform the customer experience and create “WOW moments” for all BSI customers through the power of AI. BSI customers can now leverage Enterprise Bot's innovative technology to build conversational AI solutions that provide a seamless and consistent experience for end users and a 360° customer view for agents. The solution is available across multiple channels, including web, e-mail, in-app, Whatsapp, messaging and voicebots.

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