Enterprise Bot and BSI: Human-machine collaboration gives rise to compelling customer experiences

Adrian Bucher
Community Manager Health, BSI

As part of a collaborative effort at SWICA, we connected the chatbot from Enterprise Bot seamlessly to our BSI Customer Suite, combining the 360° CRM system’s strengths with the advantages of a flexible and intelligent chatbot platform. It is a win-win-win-win situation: Not only do the three partners involved benefit, but it also pays off for the (insurance) customers, in particular.

The chatbot is connected directly to the BSI CX Digital Experience Platform and BSI CRM through BSI EIP (Enterprise Integration Platform) and Blitzico (RPA by Enterprise Bot).

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“With BSI, we have developed a partnership of equals. The mission to create a perfect customer experience connects us. Our chatbot solution is a perfect fit for the BSI ecosystem. The customers we have in common demonstrate that.”
Ravina Mutha, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Relationships, Enterprise Bot

How customers benefit:

  • With the chatbot, customers have access to assistance 24/7 – regardless of business and service hours.
  • Integration of the customer-chatbot interactions into the CRM. The chatbot can accept many concerns such as address or franchise changes independently without a customer rep. It records the data anonymously, which are then assigned to the right customer, automatically processed, passed on and handled.
  • If a customer gets nowhere with the chatbot and wants to communicate with a customer rep, the chat integration in the BSI Contact Center takes effect – with a seamless transition from the bot to the chat with the rep and into the CRM. This process ensures a smooth transfer to a live representative, records the chat communication in the CRM and starts the desired process.
  • If customers prefer talking to chatting, they can also have their concerns resolved rather conveniently by using the voicebot, Alexa or a different smart device – thanks to interactively controlled conversational AI.

Are you intrigued?

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About our partner

Enterprise Bot is a dynamic customer-oriented AI company that uses the latest technology to solve business problems. Backend integrations, a customizable user interface, GDPR compliance, pre-trained industry data sets and multilingual NLP combined with implementation services provide companies with the perfect omnichannel solution for their digital transformation.

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  • Voicebot
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  • Email bot and automation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

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