Digital customer relationship management in the brokerage market

René Konrad
Community Manager Banking, BSI

The online brokerage business is a growing market, and banks will need to adapt to this growth to remain relevant to customers. Hello bank!’s marketing tech stack was old and had been adapted to the needs of its employees, therefore lacking scalability and the capability to automate processes. Although the company’s website, engagement with customers, onboarding and analytics provide data and leads, Hello bank! did not have a central platform to merge and leverage this data. To solve this problem, Hello bank! turned to BSI for help.

Key facts

  • Replacement of a tech stack that has reached its limit;
  • The BSI Customer Suite becomes the central platform;
  • Creation of personalized customer experiences.

A basis for innovation

Hello bank! replaced several legacy systems with the BSI Customer Suite, and this new scalable platform with integrated marketing automation and lead management is now the foundation for innovation and growth. As Burkhard Schwab, Head of Innovation and Business Strategy at Hello bank!, described at the 2021 BSI Customer Summit, about 30 processes had been mapped in BSI CRM as of last year, including all the company’s complaint management. As a result, Hello bank! has been able to replace about five legacy applications from the tech stack to date, saving the company a lot of time and money.

“We were looking for a network for exchanging ideas and found it in the BSI community.”
Burkhard Schwab, Head of Innovation and Business Strategy, Hello bank!

BSI_Customer_Summit_2021_Tag_2_111_Burkhard Schwab_Hello bank!.jpg

Burkhard Schwab explains the new digital business models available to Hello bank! thanks to BSI.

A vision of hyper-personalization

With the central platform, the company has access to data from different sources. All data flows directly into the CRM, resulting in more personalized customer engagement, for example, via personalized educational offers that increase brokerage customers’ commitment and loyalty.

In addition, Hello bank! can seamlessly integrate new data sources and additional platforms into its processes. For example, they could select stock exchange news based on data from the CRM and make it available to their customers in a personalized newsletter format. This is only one of Hello bank!’s visions, as it plans to tap into new digital business models with the BSI Customer Suite.

There is no doubt that with BSI, this popular bank has created a secure yet flexible foundation for continued growth, giving it a competitive advantage in the highly competitive brokerage market.

You, too, can future-proof your business with BSI CRM.

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