#CustomerSummit22: Celebrating Passion

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

The BSI Customer Summit took place on November 8 and 9, 2022, this time under the banner of passion. "Celebrating Passion" was the motto. Together with over 700 guests at the GDI and online, we celebrated the passion that fuels our creativity and enables innovation.

More than 50 speakers shared experiences from CRM, CX and AI projects with the attending sales, marketing, service and IT managers from the DACH region, talked about marketing and technology trends and revealed the passions that drive their professional and private lives. Experts from BRACK.ch, Degussa Bank, INTER, Atupri, Hornbach, NÜRNBERGER Versicherung, Migros Bank, Jung von Matt LIMMAT, Wirz Group, Webrepublic and others attended.

Our takeaways – and yours?

"Feature-Karma" and people as simplifiers


"Feature-Karma: If you add something, you must take away something else."
Chris Rusche, CTO at BSI.

This principle should not only be taken into account in the further development of software, but also in the design of customer processes. Two more pieces of advice from Chris Rusche: Consciously place people in central positions in large, complex customer processes because "people are wonderful simplifiers." And: Timing is everything. Think carefully about when the customer can be challenged (self-service, feedback etc) and in which situations it should be as simple as possible.

Call to creative disobedience

BSI_Customer_Summit_2022_Frank Bodin.jpg

"Just because something is measurable does not mean it is better than something that is not."
Frank Bodin, creative heavyweight and owner of bodin.consulting.

Frank Bodin highlighted the new importance of creativity in a supposedly predictable digital world. He showed the power of intelligent strategies and fresh ideas that require a deep understanding of the wishes and feelings of consumers. Bodin's keynote encouraged out-of-the-box thinking, imagination and trust in common sense.

On the sense and nonsense of the purpose marketing

BSI_Customer_Summit_2022_Annette Häcki_Jung von Matt LIMMAT.jpg

"You will not be able to hide how you see the world."
Annette Häcki, Managing Creative Director, Jung von Matt LIMMAT

Annette Häcki introduced us to the world of purpose marketing. An important basic rule, as simple as it may sound: Purpose comes first, then comes purpose marketing. Another bit of knowledge: You have to prove a purpose, not claim it. And: It also works without purpose marketing, but not without attitude. She pointedly explained the difference between purpose, attitude and ESG and impressively showed that consumers today demand authenticity at the very least from companies and that pure profit-seeking has become obsolete.

C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R – recipe for successful customer relationships

"The basis for a good customer relationship is a CRM system. But that is not enough. It also requires creativity and added value for the customer."
Claude Schuler, Customer Experience Architect at BSI.

As a summary of the two-day conference, moderator Claude Schuler presented a recipe for winning customers' hearts. The ingredients: Cloud, User, Software, Technology, Omnichannel, huMan, Experience und Relationship. How do you ideally combine these? Best listen for yourself:

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