Customer acquisition through newsletters – a guideline for insurers

Sven Gerhardus

Do you think newsletters are an outdated, uninteresting advertising tool that turns away (potential) customers? 69% of German insurance companies must think so – that’s the percentage of the top 100 German insurance companies that do not send out newsletters. However, they are a highly effective tool for acquiring and retaining customers and building a positive brand and corporate image. We will show you how it works.

Key facts

  • The double opt-in is more than an annoying necessity. It provides the opportunity for positive customer interactions.
  • In addition to the so-called door opener, the sender’s name, the subject line and the newsletter design are also effective variables your company can employ to get attention from your target group with a newsletter.
  • Customer interaction through newsletters is absolutely essential for you to get to know your subscribers better and to be able to offer them personalized content.
  • A prerequisite for personalized customer communication is the automated processing of many data sources and the targeted use of Artificial Intelligence.


A white paper on this topic

Our partner BearingPoint wanted to determine how well German insurers utilize the newsletter as a tool for customer acquisition. Read our white paper for results and recommended action plans.

Download our white paper now (German only)

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