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Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

In his presentation at the BSI Customer Summit 2021, Sven Zgraggen of Baloise Group showed that the insurance industry does not yet sufficiently capitalize on the potential of customer engagement that is personalized and relevant. Often, the only regular touchpoint is the annual invoice. In addition to that, personal contacts initiated by advisors have been limited during the pandemic.

Key facts

  • Trigger-based campaigns create unexpected and powerful touchpoints;
  • Automation becomes the driver of creative marketing campaigns;
  • BSI makes the hyper-personalization of all communication across the board possible.

Sven Zgraggen von der Baloise Group präsentiert eine unkonventionelle Kampagne, die berührt.

Sven Zgraggen of Baloise Group introduces the audience to a non-traditional campaign that taps into emotions.

A thank-you drive at Baloise

Baloise Group's thank-you campaign demonstrates that a trigger-based marketing campaign can be more than a simple birthday e-mail. Its objective is to show existing customers that they are valued, thus promoting customer loyalty.

In this example, the trigger for the story is not a specific user activity but the long-term loyalty of customers. Those with uninterrupted insurance coverage with Baloise Group for five years or more are selected and first receive an e-mail, which redirects them to a landing page with a personalized video. This approach helps the company create a new, unexpected and powerful touchpoint along the user journey.

Automated personalization

With the help of BSI, Baloise Group has been able to create personalized videos that are the focus of the campaign. In the videos, Baloise employees cordially express their gratitude to customers – and they do so in a personalized manner, as each customer gets a personalized video that includes their specific name. An external service provider produced the video, while database access and the integration of first and last names are automated processes over a BSI CX interface.

Automation with BSI also makes it possible to extend the campaign. How? Once the customer has watched “her” video, she can create and then share her own thank-you video. To do so, she enters a recipient's name on the landing page and selects a reason for saying thank-you. The system will then generate a video with the recipient's name, which she can send by e-mail, share on social media platforms or download.

“We want to engage with our customers on a regular basis and want to be relevant, personal and automated.”
Sven Zgraggen, Chapter Lead Customer Engagement at Baloise

The Baloise thank-you campaign is one of many trigger-based campaigns along the customer journey, focusing on everyone from prospects and new customers to existing customers.

The inherent promise of such creative, trigger-based, hyper-personalized campaigns is based on the fact that they create new touchpoints that wow customers and tap into their emotions away from the typical touchpoints – in the insurance environment, those would include premium information and claims.

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Dankesvideo von Baloise

Customers can watch a personalized video on the landing page.

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