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The significance of customer service in online retail has increased substantially: Managing customer inquiries intelligently along complex supply chain processes and performing a balancing act between automation and personalization are critical success factors. In addition, the entire topic of service automation has been gaining ground in Europe. Arvato resolved to make a significant investment in customer service solutions to ensure that it will be ready for the future, and it relies on BSI’s expertise to accomplish this.

“We want our customers’ experiences to take center stage.”
Christina Frank, VP Customer Service, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Christina Frank, VP Customer Service, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

“We had high expectations of BSI CRM, and they were fulfilled.” Christina Frank, VP Customer Service, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Key facts

  • Transforming a conventional contact center into an experience center;
  • Providing exceptional customer service on a digital basis;
  • Implementing CRM and contact center software from BSI as a customer service starting point, with a 360° view of all processes, including the communication history;
  • Making the work of service employees easier;
  • Integrating a hybrid live chatbot solution into customer service.

The new BSI CRM foundation yields excellent results

At the end of 2019, Arvato made the decision to have everything integrated into BSI, as Christina Frank, VP Customer Service, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, explained. The initial processes went live in the summer of 2020. The company did not have to wait long for some initial successes: The new processes led to a 15 to 20% increase in efficiency; employee training shrank from five days to two days; agents now only need two weeks to become proficient with BSI, whereas, in the past, the same training on a new software system took about six weeks. “The BSI system is very intuitive,” said a delighted Christina Frank. And another plus was that employee satisfaction increased after the BSI Customer Suite introduction and training.

Going to the next level with BSI: A hybrid live chatbot solution

Implementing a project and seeing some initial successes is no reason for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions to sit back, especially since the company’s vision and roadmap were larger right from the start and go beyond important basic solutions. What continues to be the company’s focus is the changed communication behavior exhibited by end customers, who increasingly put “digital” first. That is why Arvato relies on hybrid live chatbot solutions in customer service to support its e-commerce customers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

Live chats are typically operated as stand-alone solutions in the market. Customers get annoyed, among other things, because those do not provide a case-closure solution. For that reason, Arvato selected a hybrid solution, which facilitates interaction between virtual and human agents and integrates the chatbot into BSI. As a result, the entire communication process – including the chatbot-customer portion – is visible, ensuring that the agent has a 360° view of the customer.

“Exceptional customer service on a digital basis is becoming a value-adding factor.”
Christina Frank, VP Customer Service, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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