The Contact Center in Banking High-end support for bank customers

Banks wanting to stand out from their competitors in the industry need more than good products and favorable terms today, as the digital transformation is in full swing. Instead, they can differentiate themselves first and foremost through exemplary customer service. With BSI, contact centers more than meet all of today’s requirements.


AT ANY TOUCHPOINT Omnichannel management

BSI records every interaction at any touchpoint, ranging from phone to website and messenger services to written correspondence or the dialogue at the bank counter. We all know that there is nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to tell his/her entire story repeatedly because the service employee does not have up-to-the-minute information.

360° VIEW Customer relationship management

Nothing is more critical today than good customer relationships. With the 360° view in BSI, your employees can accompany your customers along the entire customer lifecycle and, in the process, can consistently meet or even anticipate their current needs. Since so many processes are automated, you can provide customer service at the highest level.

IMPROVE EFFICIENCY First-contact resolution

When banks resolve their customers’ concerns during the first contact instead of having to transfer them to 2nd- or 3rd-level support for the resolution, customers feel valued, taken seriously and ultimately become delighted and loyal customers. At the same time, banks can also improve their contact center efficiency significantly with BSI. It’s a win-win situation for customers and employees alike.


With BSI, all processes and workflows are digitized, streamlined and improved. Its integration with your existing software solutions prevents redundancy and creates the greatest possible level of transparency – of course, by taking into account all regulations (such as Basel I, II and III) and data protection laws (such as the EU GDPR).

Around-the-clock service

You can integrate web forms or customer portals into the contact center. If a customer’s concern cannot be resolved immediately, a clean process is set in motion, and the customer-facing employee can conclude the matter efficiently. Automation allows your employees to devote their time to cases requiring special attention.

Safe and sound

In addition to integrating all your systems with BSI, you also incorporate all regulations, data protection requirements or/and retention obligations. While this makes your service efficient, it also ensures that you remain legally compliant. There are almost no limits to the variety of features in your BSI Contact Center solution. And if you need a feature that doesn’t exist yet, we’ll develop and customize it for you.

Continuous improvement

You can continuously keep an eye on and improve your BSI Contact Center with real-time reports and integrated monitoring. This option will unlock the potential for further efficiency improvements almost by itself and will free up valuable resources you can use for other, more creative activities.

BSI for Banking

BSI is tailored perfectly to the banking industry’s regulatory requirements and will help you digitize your customer relationships.

BSI for Banking

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