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Möbel Pfister AG, the leading Swiss furniture company, uses BSI to digitize its customers’ shopping experience.


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About Möbel Pfister

With its 18 stores, Möbel Pfister AG has a presence in all areas of Switzerland. Its range of 40,000 products sold online makes Möbel Pfister one of the largest online companies in the Swiss furniture market. At the end of January 2020, Möbel Pfister AG joined the Seifert family’s XXXLutz Group, a leading global furniture dealer.


René Gebert, Head of Customer Service and Call Center, Pfister

We made it our goal to handle customer concerns quickly and easily and independent of the channel and to enter them where they arise. This approach allows us to provide needs-based and convenient customer journeys on all channels and surprisingly smooth and fast service. Working with BSI CRM allows us to meet these needs markedly better.

About the project

With a networked arrangement of mobile and online platforms and 18 stores, the service leader Möbel Pfister pursues an omnichannel strategy and provides its customers with a compelling customer experience that includes top-notch advice. However, the company’s strong customer focus is not merely limited to advice, portfolio and delivery: With BSI, Pfister turns its service into an experience even before and after the purchase.

  • Omnichannel CRM: Pfister employees working with BSI include those in customer accounting, at the stores, the warehouse, in delivery support and customer service. They all benefit from the clear 360° customer view, the convenient search feature and the full touchpoint integration. For example, employees can enter locks or name changes for active myPfister customer cards into BSI from anywhere and can finalize them thanks to direct access to the external partner.
  • Mobile delivery platform: The mobile BSI delivery platform helps promote proactive customer service. The delivery teams work with tablets only to access all relevant information for every customer delivery. If a customer concern arises during delivery, the teams can enter it directly into the tablet as a business case. From there, it is handed over to customer service instantly, with photos, if needed.
  • Customer-oriented collaboration with Basler Versicherungen: In partnership with Basler Versicherungen, Möbel Pfister is the exclusive provider of “Fiasko Kasko,” an add-on coverage option to home contents insurance and manufacturer warranties. Buyers automatically receive the offer for premium furniture protection from Basler Versicherungen for four years. Both companies use BSI as their technology platform. Processes run discreetly in the background, and customers benefit from service that makes life easier.

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