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Why CRM?

CRM is not a department or IT solution. CRM is a promise. A promise to customers, who through the 360° view, guided processes and integrated communication channels, can be personally, quickly and competently served.

BSI CRM: CRM software that suits your daily needs.

Would you like CRM software that seamlessly supports you in sales, marketing and service? Or an agile CRM tool that you can use quickly and in a targeted manner? BSI CRM is both, thanks to its strictly modular structure and open technology. Whether B2C, B2B, department or group: BSI CRM adapts to your business, your processes and your IT environment, and not vice versa. This gives you a clear 360° view of customer data and customer behavior – at any time, in any department and at any touch point: on desktops, tablets and smartphones. BSI CRM wins praise for this flexibility from experts, customers and at CRM awards, but the best compliments are received from tens of thousands of satisfied users.

BSI CRM brief and concise

With BSI CRM you get CRM software that convinces on all levels, whether in sales, marketing, the contact center or at the checkout counter: process for process, function for function, end device for end device. With tens of thousands of users in numerous industries and countries.

  • Integrates all touchpoint to customers
  • Automation and process support
  • Modern Web application (HTML5)


Rent, not buy

Our cloud offer is the fastest way to benefit from the advantages and functions of BSI CRM. Greater freedom with cloud CRM.

Cloud CRM

Everyone’s happy: advantages for business, IT and users

BSI CRM is differentiated and uncomplicated. CRM software offers powerful functions for any process and any user group, which can be extended module for module. And in such a way that each user has precisely the data and tools at hand that are relevant for the job to be done.

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End-users receive an application that is precisely tailored to the work they do. With exactly the functions, processes and data they need. No more and no less.

BSI CRM offers high usability because we have just a few navigation concepts and apply them consistently in our solution. The same thing always functions the same way. The user interface is intuitive and clearly arranged. This reduces training times and you need very little documentation. Users quickly find their way around in the solution.

A great deal can be set by users themselves in BSI CRM, e.g. columns, favorites and categories. That goes for reports too.

Team leaders & specialized departments

BSI CRM covers comprehensive functions. For all departments – sales, marketing, management and (after-sales) service – all cast from a single mold.

The basis of BSI CRM can be put together and individually adapted any way you want with modules for sales, marketing and customer service. Functions that were not implemented at the beginning can be activated later with no problem.

Through the finely graduated authorization logic, each user receives precisely the BSI CRM they need for the work they do. This means, only the functions they really need. Fields and functions that are not needed are deactivated. This keeps the solution lean and clear. Moreover, BSI CRM is client-capable, which means that all settings can be made for each department, within the company or business unit.


You do not receive a black box with BSI CRM. Our software is based on open standards, Java and service-oriented architecture.

All BSI software products are based on Eclipse Scout, the free open source framework for Java developed by BSI.

You stay independent with our software, and that goes for suppliers too. The core of BSI CRM is read-only; customer-specific requirements are developed as plug-ins. This clean architecture offers you maximum release-capability. You can also develop plug-ins yourself. If needed, we will be pleased to assist you with courses and training seminars in Eclipse Scout.

With HTML5, no deployment is necessary on the client side. With BSI CRM’s browser solution only installation on your server or in the cloud is necessary.


We offer you attractive TCO (total cost of ownership), because our CRM solution remains simple, lean and flexible despite extensive functionality.

Our software is user-friendly. Experience shows that our customers need only half the training time compared with other vendors. This saves you costs during the introduction, but also ongoing when training new employees.

With BSI CRM you receive a solution that is simple and standardized. The costs for connecting interfaces are low, standard-related customer solutions facilitate maximum release-capability.

You determine the hosting of your solution. Either in the cloud or on your servers. With BSI CRM as a Web application there is no need to set it up on end devices – an installation on the server is all that is needed.

Nearly 20 years of experience with CRM systems means we precisely know the requirements and which solution best suits you. This enables us to offer you a fixed price.

Questions about BSI CRM?

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BSI helps: support and service with BSI CRM

We love our customers. That also applies once BSI CRM is introduced and in operation. With these tools we ensure that your pleasure with your CRM software grows daily:

BSI Pool

Shared knowledge is knowledge doubled: our dialogue platform networks you with BSI CRM developers and users.

BSI Pool

BSI training

What we do, you can do too: our training modules pertaining to BSI CRM turn CRM users into CRM experts.


BSI ticket

Reported? Done: our support tool ensures that faults and changes are tackled quickly and efficiently.

Ticket module

Modular and yet from a single cast

You get powerful functions and processes with BSI CRM. Everything that you need for your business is integrated in a comprehensive software suite. And yet each user only receives the functions that are relevant to him or her. Intelligent authorizations make this possible. It keeps the solution lean and intuitive for the end user.

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Recognize upselling and additional sales potential more easily and receive assistance for complex sales issues:

  • 360° customer view
  • Suggestions for cross- and up-selling
  • Opportunity management for strategic B2B sales with finely graduated project lifecycle management
  • Strategic selling for assistance with complex sales issues
  • Target plan for precise reaping of potential
  • Capture plan with information dossier
  • Configurable order management
  • Price calculation in the CRM or in interaction with an ERP
  • Groupware integration (Outlook, Lotus Notes)
  • Task management
  • Dashboards, statistics and reports (sales funnel, pipeline, forecast, budget & leads).
  • Integration of the PoS.
  • And everything mobile



Conduct personalized marketing campaigns. BSI CRM assists with the planning, execution and analysis of campaigns for all channels:

  • E-mail, SMS, letter, events, telesales
  • Multistage campaigns conducted manually or automatically
  • Comprehensive target group selection
  • Integration of other departments and customer reps in the review process
  • Web forms for surveys or sign-ups
  • Opt-in administration for data protection guidelines
  • Social media inputs in the customer history
  • Review the effectiveness of marketing actions and channels

Customer service

Workflows for agents from the call, service and contact center. All channels and relevant customer data on one platform:

  • 360° customer view: Data from all departments and systems. Also from ERP or billing systems
  • Business cases worked through completely guided step-by-step
  • Cross-department and -system processes
  • Multichannel: phone, letter, e-mail, Web form, social media, etc.
  • Customer recognition through CTI
  • E-mail content recognition
  • Virtual teams for the handling of specific issues
  • Know-how database
  • Service lines for different service levels, service times, brands or customers
  • Monitoring of SLAs
  • Ticker to keep agents informed
  • Evaluation down to individual process steps

All BSI Contact Center functions


Compile comprehensive reports yourself and generate your own statistics. For sales, marketing or customer service. And all this with no programming skills needed.

  • Save individual evaluations as favorites
  • Keep an eye on orders with potential (pipeline, sales funnel)
  • Reports on products and sub-products
  • Define statistics on your own
  • Performance reports
  • Check target achievement of marketing actions and channels
  • Evaluate customer service reaction and processing times
  • Sales prognoses
  • Team productivity, hourly rates and performance

Lead Management

Targeted lead management for B2B and B2C, for lead processing in sales or outbound.

  • Direct allocation of purchased leads and addresses to campaigns
  • Comprehensive data search for lead recognition
  • Rule-based entering of leads based on defined criteria – automatically, phased or manually
  • Use of statistics for entering leads
  • Automated distribution of leads to customer reps or outbound
  • Visibility of leads in the sales rep's cockpit or the telesales staff's work basket
  • Monitoring of lead processing status
  • Management of sales, marketing and outbound performance

Complaint management

Take customers seriously and uncover errors in processes. Systematic complaint management offers opportunities to simplify what is complicated and to design things that are unpleasant for customers to be more pleasant.

  • Capture complaints anywhere. Also on the go or in at the point of sale.
  • Guided and uniform complaints handling
  • Knowledge database for complaints handling
  • The comprehensive customer view enables rapid first contact resolution (FCR)
  • Prioritization
  • Categorization, bundling and feedback to product management
  • Escalation to teams or users
  • Reaction and escalation times
  • Monitoring of SLAs
  • Follow-up of resolved complaints for subsequent customer satisfaction enquiries
  • Proactive complaint management through the 360° customer view 



Modify BSI CRM to adapt to the company's requirements - while BSI CRM is running - without any programming skills in multiple languages and with client capability.

  • Configuration while BSI CRM is running
  • On-the-fly configuration. No server or client restart needed
  • Adapt user interfaces for roles or users
  • Administrate document templates
  • Document management for offers, contracts, guidelines or other documents
  • Process administration without programming skills
  • The time machine makes all changes trackable
  • Comprehensive authorization and role administration

Return on CRM

We have loved and lived with CRM for 20 years. We have vast experience on the IT side as well as with CRM strategy and CRM processes. This expertise flows into our CRM software as well as into your CRM project. For a solution that meets your objectives and pleases everyone: managers, IT specialists and users.

What is new?

Step by Step

With guided processes in the CRM solution, work and process procedures can be structured across the company and handled quickly and transparently.

Process-oriented CRM

Mobile CRM

Our software goes with you anywhere on any device you choose.
Without added costs and with full functionality.

Mobile CRM

Cross-channel CRM

Are you searching for a system that combines the touch points to your customers in one system? Then you are in the right place with us.

Cross-Channel (German)