Scoring Identify sales opportunities

Are you confronted with a mountain of data full of potential leads and don’t know where to start? Begin with the low hanging fruit – BSI uses scoring to show you where they can be found and how they can be convinced.


Artificial intelligence Sales closure likely?

BSI’s AI sorts your pile of leads according to the probability of a sales closure. It analyzes the success of past sales situations, compares the new data to it and automatically evaluates the probability of a sales conclusion. This enables you to invest your resources in situations that are most worth it.

Scoring your sales opportunities Turn your lead into a success

BSI uses scoring to calculate not only how much (or little) success a lead promises, but also provides tips on how you can convince the customer. This can include sales opportunities for specific situations, special conditions or even the right time to make the perfect offer precisely to specific customers through the right channel.

Integrated software Data analyses at a glance

BSI’s graphic user interface provides you a rapid overview of the product, channel and point in time that are best suited to the customer. Together with Data Scientists, BSI enables marketeers who are not familiar with programming languages such as Python or R to comprehend data analyses and to precisely use them in the customer journey.

Teachable AI Scoring is constantly improving

The longer you use BSI, the more the AI learns. It gets to know your customers better over time and builds relationships with them step by step. This enables the AI to assess your customers’ wishes and needs more and more precisely – which in turn improves the customer relationship.

The crucial factors for sales success

«Case example: Banks use scoring»

Many factors determine a successful sale. The more information you have about your customers, the better you can target your offer to their wishes and needs. These are the factors that matter:

Situation: Customers are more open to offers in certain life situations. If, for example, your customer’s account balance rises, this can positively influence their willingness to buy. Personal situations can also be decisive, like when the customer’s child starts school.

Product : Find out what meets your customer’s needs. Their account balance has risen and their child is about to start school? Perhaps she is considering moving from an apartment to a house and is also looking for a loan?

Channel: Take a look at the channels the customer has preferred in the past. Is she hardly ever reachable by phone, but has always accepted a written invitation to a personal meeting in the bank branch? Then you know what to do!

Point in time: Using the customer history, you might learn that your customer is on the road a lot during the week for work. In this case, you can offer an appointment on Saturday afternoon to talk about an offer.

Conditions: Scoring also provides information about the conditions you can offer the customer for a loan to make it attractive to her. While a loan with a certain interest rate might appeal to people with similar attributes, this customer may perhaps need other conditions to boost the probability that she will be convinced.

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Whether sales, marketing, service or customer insights: you can put our two million code lines and promising solutions together with equal ease – through uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model and a captivating user experience.


Set up trigger-based, highly personalized customer journeys within 15 minutes with BSI. They help you provide an unforgettable experience and maximize your business success.


BSI offers a central, virtual advisor workstation with access to all relevant customer information. This improves the chances of a successful business conclusion.


BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


BSI provides you with powerful analytics, clearly arranged reporting dashboards and the possibility of data-based challenges to your decisions. BSI is your direct access to business intelligence.

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