The right offer at the right time

Whether a customer moves, welcomes a baby into the family or takes a career leap – changes require quick responses. Automated, AI-supported recommendations facilitate easy cross-selling and upselling. As a result, your sales will increase, and your customers will have an exceptional customer journey.

    By using AI
    ↑ 30%Cross-/upselling rate
    By using AI

    MARKETING AUTOMATION More than Experience

    Product recommendation systems are often complex rule-based systems that must also be maintained manually by employees, therefore requiring a large time investment. In addition, there is no guarantee that recommendations based on experience always make the most of the potential.

    AI support Automated product recommendations

    Artificial Intelligence simplifies decision-making processes – BSI AI creates product recommendations based on existing data and considers all the specifics of your customer data. It can also take the needs or purchasing behaviors of similar customers into account. In addition, changes are quick to implement or even optimize themselves.

    THE NEXT BEST OFFER The best next offer

    By automating the creation of the next best offer, you do more than enhance your customers’ experience: Employing AI-supported product recommendations will, in fact, also save you time and boost your sales closing rate.


    Product demo

    With the BSI Customer Suite, you can propose a personalized next best offer to your customer – based on Artificial Intelligence. In the video below, we will show you how it works.

    The self-learning process optimizer

    BSI AI, our AI product, is part of the BSI Customer Suite. It comes with machine learning workflows (“brains”) that analyze data, generate customer clusters, and provide recommendations for marketing, sales and service.

    BSI AI knows your customers’ value. It also learns from their behavior and knows exactly when they are most receptive to which offer and on what channel they prefer to be contacted. You will communicate with them consistently in a highly personalized manner, thus delivering an even more individualized customer experience.

    Your benefits

    Facilitates your adoption of AI without complex AI projects;
    Supports automated decisions and the “learning evolution” of customer processes;
    Facilitates process automation so that customer concerns can be managed using a black box approach, with case resolution as the best-case scenario;
    Supports unsupervised, supervised and reinforcement learning, as well as symbolic AI;
    Includes all common algorithms for regression, classification and clustering;
    Is supported by classic data science algorithms, including deep learning/neural networks.

    Next Best Action: BSI.

    The next best action: Network your goals with BSI.

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