AI support: Additional income thanks to energy-related renovations

In times of increased inflation and higher interest rates, AI-supported upselling processes offer the chance to generate additional income efficiently and customer-specifically thanks to the existing-customer base, thus creating a win-win situation. One example of this is the financing of energy-related renovations.

    with personalized offers. / Epsilon 2018
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    with personalized offers. / Epsilon 2018

    Higher interest rates and ESG requirements Slumping new business and self-sufficiency ambitions

    In 2022, consumer prices increased by 6.9% year-on-year. The ECB reacted with significantly increased interest rates, which resulted in a dramatic slump in new business in real estate financing. In addition, loan portfolio sustainability requirements are increasing, and banks are looking to raise their ESG scores. At the same time, consumers are looking for ways to secures the value of their property and to protect themselves against further increases in energy costs. The BSI Customer Suite supports the achievement of both these goals.

    Automated and hyper-personalized Potential of energy-related renovation

    With BSI, you can contact existing customers via e-mail or mail and, for example, show them on a landing page the options for installing a photovoltaic system, automated and customer-specific. Usable roof area, orientation, and roof pitch are calculated by AI from satellite imaging based on the address. Based on system costs and inventory rating, BSI calculates possible financing including amortization and yield. Your customer books a consultation appointment directly, which you can also carry out via video and e-signature for case finalization.

    Dual value added Additional income for the bank, value added for the customer

    Upselling to a higher credit line generates additional income, which compensates the slump in new business in real-estate financing at least to a certain degree. Furthermore, a more sustainable loan portfolio improves the ESG score. Consumers secure the value of their property through energy-related renovation measures, and, in the case of a photovoltaic system, benefit from a faster amortization of their loan thanks to low energy costs as well as a high degree of self-sufficiency as energy costs continue to rise. The BSI Customer Suite helps you realize these benefits – integrated, automated, and hyper-personalized.

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    BSI Customer Suite

    Customer-specific and automated upselling thanks to energy-related renovation

    Your advantages

    Highlighting the potential of energy-related renovation
    AI-based selection of relevant parameters from satellite imaging
    Calculation of possible financing
    Customer-specific and automated addressing/communication
    Scheduling and carrying out consulting sessions also via video and e-signature

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