The reminder process as an opportunity for a good customer relationship

The following applies for reminders: It's not what you say, but how you say it. If you respond to customers, understand them and communicate properly, this will result in a sustainably good customer relationship.

    Lower your churn rate by optimizing your customer journey
    ↓30%Churn rate
    Lower your churn rate by optimizing your customer journey
    Individualized reminder system

    Three factors that make the difference

    AI support

    The BSI Customer Suite helps you use various inputs such as "Average Communications" or "Ratings" to calculate the churn rate with its AI product.

    Real time

    With automated process steps, you ensure that customers who have already paid can also find this information through real-time updates via their preference center and are not mistakenly requested to pay again.


    Schedule letter or e-mail deliveries using the digitization and automation capabilities of the BSI Customer Suite and eliminate complicated processes.

    Love your customers Minimize the risk of churn

    As a large company, you have fully automated your reminder process and are probably using a solution similar to BSI to digitize your process. With the BSI Customer Suite, however, you go one step further: AI personalizes and links data from accounting, reminder history and customer scores, e.g., the customer lifetime value (CLV). A customer with a high CLV is automatically recognized and addressed differently than someone who has not paid their bills for months. BSI addresses your customers in exactly the right tone and via the best channel. This way, your most valuable customers will stay with you for a long time..

    Closed loop Reminder system as omnichannel integration

    Thanks to the 360° customer view, all information is always available immediately wherever you need it. Your customer rep already sees in the appointment preparation that the customer will receive a reminder tomorrow. She can stop it from being sent or manually initiate communication and address the customer directly about the outstanding payment. Then the customer has the opportunity to pay his/her invoice using self-service. Closed loop also means that exactly this information is integrated in real time in the next customer journey and is reported back to Artificial Intelligence.

    Use cases out of the box Your customer journey will go live in half a day

    In the BSI Customer Suite, you generate your entire reminder process "on the fly" with just a few clicks and without any programming effort whatsoever. Best practices from our community are available to you in the process. And you save time and money by using standardized customer journeys.


    The BSI Customer Suite

    Digitize the customer relationship and create unique experiences – automated, in real time, and across all touchpoints.

    Your benefits

    Digitize your sales with our online consulting product. The BSI Engage module handles supporting and administrative tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual sales room” to electronic signature for digital case closure;
    As a central information system, BSI CRM provides all relevant information and data for any application purpose and across departmental boundaries;
    Whether it is inbound mail automation, next best action, churn detection, or lead scoring – our AI product BSI AI supports you in analyzing your data and helps you with small and large decisions regarding customer-relationship management;
    Our Customer Data Platform BSI CDP collects data from various sources and provides meaningful customer profiles – in real time;
    Organize your connectivity within your ecosystem and create new connections. Our Enterprise Integration Platform BSI EIP offers numerous standardized interfaces which can be easily configured, optimized, and surveilled via a central interface – so that your data can have more impact.

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