Strengthening customer relationships – with data-driven communication

Every customer has individual needs and wishes. What if you could respond to these – automatically and even proactively? With BSI, you can hyper-personalize every customer journey with AI support, thus creating positive consulting and purchasing experiences.

    for personalized offers / Epsilon 2018
    ↑80%sales chance
    for personalized offers / Epsilon 2018
    The right approach at the right time

    Three advantages of hyper-personalization

    Effective cost reduction

    Save time and money with measures tailored exactly to your customers’ needs.

    Higher conversion rate

    Surprise and convince your customers with personalized communication at the right moment. Addressing your customers personally and recognizing their signals leads to higher sales.

    Increasing brand loyalty

    Positive consulting/purchasing or service experiences increase customer satisfaction, which reduces the risk of churn.

    Automation Always the right next step

    BSI suggests the next best action not just for specific customer groups, but also for individual people – based on purchasing behavior, feedback, and other data. This way, marketing, sales, and service all come together to create a seamless experience.

    AI support Navigation in real time

    BSI enables hyper-personalized communication by combining automated processes with Artificial Intelligence. Customer behavior flows immediately back into the CRM for a cross-divisional 360° view of the customer. The control of the customer journey can thus be executed, monitored, and optimized in real time.

    Data management Analyze and evaluate

    Do you know too little about your customers’ needs? By consistently analyzing data, you can already gain the relevant knowledge during onboarding. BSI not only analyzes in real time, but also learns from it. The automated evaluation allows you to react proactively to changes in your customers’ wishes, thus improving their experience.


    The BSI Customer Suite

    Digitize the customer relationship and create unique experiences – automated, in real time, and across all touchpoints.

    Your benefits

    Digitize your sales with our online consulting product. The BSI Engage module handles supporting and administrative tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual sales room” to electronic signature for digital case closure;
    As a central information system, BSI CRM provides all relevant information and data for any application purpose and across departmental boundaries;
    Whether it is inbound mail automation, next best action, churn detection, or lead scoring – our AI product BSI AI supports you in analyzing your data and helps you with small and large decisions regarding customer-relationship management;
    Our Customer Data Platform BSI CDP collects data from various sources and provides meaningful customer profiles – in real time;
    Organize your connectivity within your ecosystem and create new connections. Our Enterprise Integration Platform BSI EIP offers numerous standardized interfaces which can be easily configured, optimized, and surveilled via a central interface – so that your data can have more impact.

    Next Best Action: BSI.

    The next best action: Network your goals with BSI.

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