Save time with customer self-service

Save yourself and your customers from battling with paper forms. With the BSI Customer Suite, you can update, validate and archive credit card application data and more.

    90–95%Response rate

    Marketing automation From inefficient to automated

    The traditional process of obtaining the required information from beneficial owners on paper forms is inefficient. With the BSI Customer Suite, you can automate your data collection efforts. It is simple: Your customers receive a request to update their data by mail. The letter contains a website link or a QR code. Customers can use either to reach a landing page, identify themselves there and can then confirm or change their data online. Two-factor authentication is used here as security; incorrect attempts lead to a lockout.

    Archiving and reporting Comply with legal obligations

    You can effortlessly automate other processes with the BSI Customer Suite. All data, including uploaded ID copies, are placed into documents, uploaded using FTP and transferred to the archive system. You no longer have to scan paper documents or manually type information into them.

    BSI also takes care of your reporting and knows which customers need to be reminded of the needed update of their data.

    Validation Data management included

    The BSI Customer Suite also manages the validation of data. Any discrepancies detected during the comparison with the database are set aside and given to the staff. This process ensures that only exceptions have to be dealt with, therefore reducing the manual effort.


    Produkt demo

    Transform the cumbersome completion of forms into a digital workflow with the BSI Customer Suite. Watch our video to learn how to update your data easily and efficiently with self-service.

    The customer journey manager

    With BSI CX, you can orchestrate a holistic customer communication approach in marketing, sales and service.

    To automate your omnichannel support, you can design, execute and optimize customer journeys as personalized campaigns, so-called “stories.” There is no need for IT skills: Everything works with drag-and-drop and with the help of a wide selection of pre-configured industry-specific “stories” (such as customer retention and NPS).


    Vorteile auf einen Blick

    Provides a trigger- or time-based approach;
    Integrated content management system;
    Facilitates the analysis and versioning of “stories” to monitor and optimize them;
    Be part of the continuous development and roadmap design of industry solutions through BSI’s “Be Involved” process. Benefit from exchanging ideas and information with others.
    Offers “stories” that learn from your customers’ behaviors – through the integration of Artificial Intelligence;
    All customer data from the BSI Customer Suite is available to manage the “stories” (selection, personalization, trigger).

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